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Yewo Malawi: Empowering People through Sustainable Jewelry Production

Yewo Malawi: Empowering People through Sustainable Jewelry Production

Yewo Malawi: Empowering People through Sustainable Jewelry Production

Yewo Malawi makes intentionally-designed, ethically-made, and sustainably-packaged jewelry. The duo, Maddy and Kyle, founded the brand in 2018. It is based in Manchewe Village in the mountains of Northern Malawi, Africa. Interestingly, the name Yewo means ‘Thank You’. Therefore, they created the brand on the basis of a better and more sustainable future through the act of crafting objects that actively replenish the planet, uplift the producer, celebrate global connection, and inspire the responsible consumer.  Yewo also supports ethical employment in a rural community in Malawi. Apart from sustainably packaging its jewelry counters carbon, the brand empowers both people and the planet through thoughtfully- made jewelry. As such, below, we have highlighted how Yewo Malawi empowers people and the environment.

How Yewo Malawi is Empowering People

Indeed, Yewo Malawi works to create a safe, encouraging, and family-like work environment where individuals experience personal growth. For instance, the brand provides in-house job training and reliable salaries for unemployed individuals living in rural Malawi. Moreover, the majority of their team had previously never held a job in the formal economic sector, and thus, had no reliable income or technical knowhow about making jewelry before starting to work at Yewo. Furthermore, Yewo brand provides its staff with two daily nutritious meals, health care options, 26 annual paid-days off, savings accounts, access to interest free loans, annual raises, educational resources, and staff parties.

How Yewo Malawi is Thoughtful about the Environment

First, Yewo Malawi makes all of their jewelry at a solar-powered workshop. Their electric machines, tools, and community charging station are all 100% solar-powered. For sure, this practice actively works towards offsetting carbon emissions within their value chain.

Secondly, Yewo Malawi uses sustainable plastic-free packaging from their labels and marketing materials which they make at their workshop. Particularly, they turn consumer byproducts and recycled card-stock within Malawi. They ship their retail orders in small cotton bags that mamas from Manchewe village hand make. Additionally, they ship their wholesale orders in compostable plant based bags.

Thirdly, Yewo Malawi uses up-cycled raw materials and source locally whenever possible. They buy their thick wire from a small nearby cooperative who make the wire from old coins and scrap brass.

Finally, Yewo Malawi has so far planted close to 1,000 trees around their community; thus, promoting reforestation efforts.

Some of the Their Jewelry

Yewo Malawi: Empowering People through Sustainable Jewelry Production

Indeed, they make all their unique pieces of jewelry sustainably in Yewo’s solar-powered workshop. They also handcraft all these jewelries from recycled brass and sterling silver posts. Their jewelry particularly comes in either a satin finish or a gold finish. Yewo Malawi also makes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Below are some examples of some of their unique jewelry.

Odi Earrings

Yewo Malawi: Empowering People through Sustainable Jewelry Production

Odi, means ‘Knock Knock’ in Tumbuka (the language of Northern Malawi). The Odi earrings are made from up-cycled scrap brass and sterling silver posts. Specifically, these Odi earrings come in a satin finish.

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Sitima Necklace

Sitima means ‘Boat’ in Tumbuka (the language of Northern Malawi). The team makes the Sitima necklace from up-cycled scrap brass.

Pinda Earrings

Pinda means fold. The team handcrafts earrings from recycled brass and sterling silver posts. The Pinda earrings comes in a satin finish. Interestingly, no two pieces are identical as they have slight variations.

Chaka Bangles

Chaka means ‘Year’ in Tumbuka. The team makes these bangles from recycled brass.

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