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What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder
What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder
What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder
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What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder

What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder

An anti-social personality disorder is a disorder characterized by a lack of empathy and regard for other people. Additionally, people with antisocial personality disorder tend to disregard authority, tell lies, behave aggressively or engage in illegal behavior such as stealing, drug abuse, and violence. These people also fall along a spectrum of exhibiting symptoms of varying severity like they can be difficult to be around and sometimes dangerous. Below, we have outlined the symptoms and the behavioral patterns displayed by people with anti-social personality disorder.

They Have a History of Criminal Activity

People with an antisocial personality disorder will have a history of oftentimes being arrested for crimes, major or trivial. These crimes often begin in adolescence and continue into adulthood. These people also tend to have lingering drug and alcohol abuse problems and probably they may have been arrested for possession or use of drugs.

They Frequently Lie and Con People

People with antisocial personality disorder will lie even about ordinary things. As they grow older, this pattern of lying may turn into a form of con artistry, in which they manipulate others for their gain using their lies.

They are Reckless About Safety

These people tend to disregard the safety of both themselves and others completely. They may either ignore a potentially dangerous situation or put themselves or someone else deliberately into danger. For example, this might include driving at high speeds, starting fights with strangers, physically injuring, torturing, or entirely neglecting another person.

They Fail to Plan Ahead

People with antisocial personality disorder show a lack of planning ability, for either near-to-date or future plans. They may not relate between their current behaviours and long-term consequences, such as how abusing drugs now and going to jail might affect their plans. They tend do things quickly without judgment.

They Have Difficulty Feeling Empathy for Others

An individual with an antisocial personality disorder will not be able to empathize with somebody to whom he/she has caused pain. If he/she is arrested for a personal crime, he/she will justify his/her actions and find little or no reason to be bothered or feel guilty for his/her behaviour. He/she will have a hard time understanding someone who is angry as a result of his/her behaviour.

How To Cope with an individual with an Antisocial Personality Disorder

Limit Contacts When Possible

Limit your interactions with someone whom you might detect he/she may be having an antisocial personality disorder. This can be for your own emotional or even physical safety.

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Set Boundaries

You should set clear boundaries for what you consider to be acceptable interaction with an individual with antisocial personality disorder.

Look for Potential Signs of Violent Behaviour

Recognize the warning signs of violent behaviour displayed by these people to protect yourself and others from danger.

Take the Individual to a Qualified Psychiatrist

Only a qualified mental health professional can offer an official diagnosis and help the individual suffering from an antisocial personality disorder.

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