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Ways to Create a Calm Meditation Space at Home

Ways to Create a Calm Meditation Space at Home

Designing a calm meditation space in your home is a great way to gain peace of mind. Space does not have to be large and it can range from a section outside your house, a whole room, or a silent corner. Additionally, you can toss in live plants or flowers to add life to your space and enhance a grounding sense. Below, we have highlighted methods in which you can create a calm meditation space.

Choose Soothing Colors

Micro – Gathre

Colors have the power to affect us physically, intellectually, and emotionally. When you are looking to create a calm meditation space for your home, avoid flashy and bright colors. Such colors make it difficult to concentrate and facilitate zoning out. Therefore, earth tone colors are the best for a meditation space;

  • Neutrals- beige, eggshell, light brown, dark browns
  • Dark colors- rust orange, jungle green, navy blue, cerulean blue, eggplant purple, berry, blush
  • Greys

Bright color tones that you can use are:

  • Hot pink with burgundy
  • Grey with rust orange, purple, pink, and wine red
  • Teal with white, eggshell beige, grey
  • Yellow with dark brown, dark grey
  • Purple with deep orange, earthy browns
  • Orange with eggshell, dark grey, dark brown, medium brown

Add Soft Furnishings for Comfort

This breezy plant-filled meditation sunroom:

Comfort is a priority during meditation since you connect with your inner self. Therefore, large cushions, sheepskins, mats, and blankets are essential in your sacred space.

Create Soft Lighting for Relaxation

Expert tips for decorating with candles - IKEA

Soft lighting is indispensable regardless of the size of your room or the number of windows. Avoid using bright white lights in your sacred space if you want to maintain a calm and inviting ambiance.

Make Scent a Part of Your Ritual

Smudging Vetted by Science

Scents cleanse the space and promote relaxation during meditation. Essential oils and herbs such as sage can contribute to an uplifting feeling.

Connect with Nature

Our brass-finished Spun Metal Planter is a sleek, modern way to showcase your greenery.

Live plants or flowers add life to your sacred space since they encourage a grounding sense. Additionally, they promote revitalizing and vibrant energy to the meditation space.

Personalize Your Meditation Space

Items that help you connect with yourself inwardly are great additions to your sacred space. They may be special stones, bowls, or beads.

Cut Out Background Noises and Eliminate Distractions

How To Put Together a Meditation Corner in Your Home - homeyou

Electronic devices such as television, home theatres, woofers, and phones are distractions during meditation. They interfere with your focus, especially when trying to relax and connect with your inner divine. In a busy city, it might be hard to avoid distractions and background noises. Therefore, playing some background soothing music can help diffuse the outside distractive noises.

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