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Wambui Thimba 21-Day Styling Diary: Part 2 of 3

Wambui Thimba 21-Day Styling Diary: Part 2 of 3

Wambui Thimba continues to wow the world with her stylish 21-day styling diary. Her initiative not only furnishes people with a great sense of fashion but also provides a platform for promoting Kenyan designers. Additionally, she delivers up-to-date fashion tips during a time when people are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, we tackled part 1 of her twenty-one-day style tips. As such, below, we have continued with our mini-series of part 2 of her 21-day style diary so you can borrow some of her sophisticated looks.

Day 8

On day 8, the queen rocked a dazzling leopard print dress by Siri Studios and black heels by Trevor collections. She spiced the look with a leopard-print fedora hat which matched her dress and wore a huge black belt around her waist.

Day 9

On day 9, Wambui Thimba rocked a white cotton eyelet off-shoulder dress by my soul tonic Kenya. She spiced her looks with golden accessories and an African print clutch bag from my soul tonic Kenya.

Photo credit: Wambui rocking Day 9’s golden accessories.

Day 10

On the 10th day, the queen rocked a two-piece Ankara by the native woman in three different styles.

Photo credit: A two-piece Ankara with a tulle skirt.

Photo credit: A two-piece Ankara with open-toe yellow heels.

Day 11

On day 11, Wambui Thimba wore a yellow suit and a matching large fedora hat by the undisputed woman, a print blouse by coco lili Africa, and completed the look with black stilettos.

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Day 12

On day 12, the style queen maintained a monochromatic look as she wore an orange split sleeve dress with a sunset orange kimono by bloom Kenya. She improved the monochrome look by adding an African accessory from zanta adeyde which flowed down her neck to the level of her dress.

Day 13

On the second last day of part two of her twenty-one-day styling tip, she rocked a feather collar jumpsuit by kapoeta by ambica designs. She also rocked feather ear cuffs by the same designer.

Day 14

On the final day, Wambui wore a convertible jumpsuit by designing Africa collective. The styling tip of the day was that convertible jumpsuits are perfect for parties, dinner, dates, and even work.

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