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Wambui Thimba 21- Day Styling Diary: Part 1 of 3
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Wambui Thimba 21- Day Styling Diary: Part 1 of 3

Wambui Thimba is a Kenya fashion designer and stylist with a great sense of aesthetics and a keen eye for color. Her works provide people with fresh, new, neat, and lovely looks. Wambui Thimba has styled some of the big names across Kenya and Africa including Nyashinski, Vanessa Mdee, Wema Sepetu, Kobi Kihara, Yemi Alade, Boity Thulo, Octopizzo, Nandy, Anne Kiguta, Fena Gitu, Amani, Mr. Eazi, Jux, and Kagwe Muigai. Additionally, she won the award for Best Costume Designer at the Women in Film Awards. Recently, she has begun a 21-day style diary that combines different works by Kenyan designers. As such, in support of local designers during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, Baniku magazine will follow up on Wambui Thimba’s 21-day style and provide weekly reports for you.

Day 1

One the first day of her style diary, she combined a red blazer, a sky blue bow by muyishime, wide-leg slit pants in natural indigo-dyed by kikoromeo, red vest by vivo woman and accessories by kipatounbranded. Her wide-legged trousers were the focal point of her style.  

Day 2

Day 2, the fashion queen wore a black slim fit dress with puff sleeves. African fabric and design Kenya made her dress using scuba fabric and the puff sleeves using kente fabric. Moreover, she wore accessories from kipatounbranded. The look was simple and the puff sleeve details spiced her general appearance.

Day 3

Wambui rocked a swimsuit by Zoezisport on day 3.

She then wore biker shorts by Zoezisport and Nike roshe sneakers to complete the look for a workout.

She completed the day by adding a red blazer on top of her swimsuit and biker shorts. The styling tip of the day was that when purchasing gym wear, people should go for the high waisted leggings or biker shorts.

Day 4: Africa Day

Day 4 was special because it was Africa themed and she spiced her look with beautiful accessories by Zanta Adeyde. The styling tip of that day was that accessories can transform your whole look and they make it easy to create stylish looks. Moreover, the accessories also add versatility and flexibility to your whole appearance.

Day 5

On the fifth day, she rocked an Ankara suit with a lacy bra by Yvonne afro street.

She also paired a chiffon top with the Ankara trousers from the suit. The styling of the day was that Ankara suits can look beautiful when paired with lacy bras. Additionally, beautiful plain chiffon tops help to maintain a sleek look.

Day 6

The fashion queen rocked the Ankara tent dress by zanta adedye store.

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She also combined a white vest with white trousers and red espadrilles from designing Africa collective. The styling tip of the day was that people can break the norm of wearing tight-fitting dresses and still appear chic.

Day 7

On the last day of part one of her series, she rocked a tie and dye boiler suit from mambo pambo world in three different ways. The first look was the one above and she rocked the boiler suit with heels for a classic look.

She then created a casual look by switching the heels with white converse all-star rubber shoes.

Lastly, she tied the upper section of her suit around her waist and rocked a yellow vest with heels for a cool casual look. The main style tip from day seven was, that boiler suits are stylish similar to the jumpsuit. The only difference between the two is that the jumpsuit is less tight-fitting.

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