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Using Makeup to Develop the High Cheekbones Illusion
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Using Makeup to Develop the High Cheekbones Illusion

The high cheekbones illusion is one beauty trend that is here to stay. We all have cheekbones but it narrows down to whether they sit high or low in our faces. Not everyone is born with faultless bone structures like those of models. However, do not freak out we will help you achieve this illusion.

How to Tell If You Have High or Low Cheekbones

It is simple to determine whether you have high or low cheekbones using only a mirror. Look up at your face when it is makeup-free on a mirror. Place your thumb at the top of your ear and your index finger below your nose. Afterward, move your thumb and index finger towards each other. The region the line passes through is your cheekbone. Now focus on where the line is located. If your cheekbones are high, the line will be at the upper part of your nose and if you have low cheekbones, the line will fall below your nose.

How to Get High Cheekbones with Makeup?

The process may seem complicated on social media but it turns out that the process is super easy when you break it down. As such, below, we have broken down the process for you to achieve high cheekbones illusion.

Step 1: Perfect Your Base

Start by applying a buildable foundation with a natural finish. It will allow you to get the most coverage you desire.

Step 2: Contour

Contours create the illusion of shadows on the skin and allow you to sculpt, restructure and define the face. Further, good contouring applications will help you achieve a flawless facial face, a slimmer nose and killer cheekbones. Go for completely matte contour products that emulate the natural shadow. Additionally, before applying contour you should know your face shape. Nevertheless, you should apply darker contour shade on regions you want to drive attention away. It may be the hollows of your cheeks to increase your cheekbones, the sides of your nose to slim it, or the temples to slim your forehead.

Step 3: Highlight

Combine contour with highlighters to boost the region you want to the most attention. On the forehead and below the cheeks are more defined whereas the nose is immediately slimmed. Moreover, the highlighter makes the eyes appear closer to the thinnest region of the nose, lips and cheekbones. Highlighter adds shimmer to your cheekbones and makes them look splendid. Put a drop of it on your cheekbones and use your finger to blend it with a patting motion.

Step 4: Add Color to Your Cheeks

Add a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend it out.

Step 5: How to Complete Your Sculptured Make Up Look

Now that you are knowledgeable about achieving high cheekbones you have to put a full look together by following the steps below.

Step 1: Grab Your Eyeshadow

When it comes to eye makeup, you will draw your eyes upward to enhance your cheekbones’ attention.

Step 2: Wing Them Out

Sharp winged eyeliner enhances the illusion. Add this to your high cheekbones illusion facial makeup.

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Step 3: Boost Your Lashes

Complete your eye makeup look with some lash lengthening mascara.

Step 4: Paint Your Lips

Switch on the shine of your lips with an ultra-radiant lipstick and glossy finish, but also, keep it simple since this look involves a more dramatic eye makeup.

Step 5: Seal Your Look

Now that you have sculpted beautifully chiseled cheekbones and makeup look, spray a makeup setting spray to help seal your look all day long.

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