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Top Anti-aging Ingredients You Cannot Live Without

Top Anti-aging Ingredients You Cannot Live Without

Top Anti-aging Ingredients You Cannot Live Without

Today’s society puts such a premium on youthful appearance. Anti-aging tips and ingredients are some of the most Googled terms in the skin care world. Skincare though has so many alleged miracle serums that promise to make all of your wrinkles disappear overnight. The truth is, there are only a handful of ingredients that are clinically proven to have anti-aging effects. There are some staples that remain on our radar for their tried-and-true results. Below, we are sharing 7 top anti-aging ingredients for a more youthful skin.


Sunscreen is at the forefront of preventing anti-aging. It may not seem glamorous, but without sunscreen, any of the other products you are using will be counteracted by the damage from ultra violet light exposure. Sunscreen not only protects the DNA in your skin from UV damage, but it gives your skin cells a chance to rest and regenerate, which helps diminish the development of wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Sun damage can cause both serious issues, like skin cancer, and more cosmetic issues, like breaking down the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin firm and plump. Use sunscreen that has broad spectrum protection, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and at least SPF 30 or higher, to help prevent sun damage.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant that has demonstrated to work well with sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays and free-radical damage. It also helps the superficial skin cells deal with hyperpigmentation and  the skin build collagen. Collagen occurs naturally in the human body and it is crucial for maintaining the skin’s firm, bouncy appearance despite that it decreases as you age. Daily usage of vitamin C will protect your skin from collagen loss and it will stimulate collagen production as well.


Retinol continues to be the top derma-recommended ingredient for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and even help to keep breakouts at bay. Retinol causes your skin to speed up its normal cell-turnover process, meaning that it will shed skin cells more quickly. That helps tackle issues like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. Retinol also help boost collagen production, which reduces signs of aging.


Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common humectant ingredients out there today, meaning that it has the power to draw water molecules into the skin. For dry skin in particular, hyaluronic acid can deliver an immediate plumping effect as well as improve the skin over time.  Hyaluronic Acid is one of the best anti-aging ingredient, as it hydrates the skin and soothes dry skin and wrinkles.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has become a skin must have ingredient because of its soothing properties, a variety of vitamins and antioxidant benefits. Aloe Vera has the immediate power of soothing your skin from a sunburn. It is also a very affordable hydrator.

Green Tea

Green tea is an anti-aging hero, and it can either be drank or used as a facemask.  It not only helps to reduce inflammation and fight off bacteria that can cause breakouts, but it reduces redness for a more even and glowing skin tone.

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