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Tips to Smoothen the Transition to Natural Hair
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Tips to Smoothen the Transition to Natural Hair

An increasing number of women prefer natural hair. The process of taking care of natural hair requires patience, search and self-love. Actually, there is no better time than now to embrace the natural hair since the world of beauty is gravitating towards that direction. Also, if you are still perming your roots, you can regenerate back to your natural curls. It only takes the right products and the right steps to attain beautiful natural hair. Therefore, below we have highlighted some tips that will smoothen the transition to natural hair.

Go for the Chop

People can cut their chemically treated and damaged hair in order to create room for the growth of new hair. However, you will have to be patient. It takes between six to eight months’ time for lengthy hair to grow.

Braid Protective Styles

Moreover, protective styles keep the ends of hair tucked away and discourages tugging, pulling, and manipulation. They also promote hair growth and save much time.  Examples of such styles include box braids, crochet, wigs, braided crown flat twist, pineapple/puff updo and braided ponytail. You can check out other protective styles from our previous article.

Gradually Trim Your Ends

Trimming provides one with time to develop a strong hair regimen and begin the journey to achieving a natural texture. Additionally, protective styling helps to manage straight ends.

 Find Hair Inspiration

Hair inspiration will always motivate you through the natural hair transition journey.

Go to an Expert

Whether it is a big chop or trimming, go to an expert for some advice. The stylist can explain to you what haircut will be best for your natural hair journey.

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Keep Heating Style at Minimal

High or excessive heat can permanently break the bonds within hair strands. Note that damages from heat are irreversible.

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube has thousands of ‘how-to videos’. However, one has to identify with a hair texture that is similar to theirs. Moreover, people should embrace their specific curl type, and style the hair based on that texture.

Invest in Good Hair Products

Good hair products always leave your hair detangled, hydrated and strong. Penetrating hair masks that fortify, revitalizes, and moisturizes the scalp reduce breakages when in transition. Marini Naturals “Curl Me Pretty” Curling Butter is a moisture-rich curl-defining and sealing butter which works wonders in defining and holding styles for days.  

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