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Tips for Successful Mascara Layering

Tips for Successful Mascara Layering

The secret to having lush lashes is mascara layering. Therefore, if you want to achieve flattery lashes, we have explained how to layer the mascara. Indeed, the rules of lash layering are simple and infinite; choose two to four mascaras based on the lash enhancement you desire and start layering! 

Start with the Mascara Primer

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Mascara primer is essential before layering mascara as it makes its application easier. Indeed, mascara primer wraps around your lashes thus creating a smooth surface. It also amplifies the impact of any mascaras to follow.

Layer the Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascara formulas are full of tiny filaments that grip onto your lashes for a volumized, sculpted effect. Fibers are the fastest route to magnificent lashes without gluing on falsies. Therefore, to achieve the best results from the fiber-infused mascara, apply mascara primer for extreme volume and depth. Afterward, follow it with the fiber-infused mascara for extreme length.

Add Curling Mascara for Curvaceous Lashes

If you want curly lashes, you have to first use a lash curler. Just heat up lash curler using a blast of hot air from the blow dryer, then press your lashes with the curler, starting from the base as you proceed to the tips. Afterward, layer on a curling mascara using a wand bent to lift lashes from root to tip. The curling mascara delivers ultimate curl and lift.

Add the Lengthening Mascara for Lengthy Lashes

Note that, lengthening mascara does not help your lashes to grow longer, it only make them appear longer while you are wearing it.

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Layer the Volumizing Mascara

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Since voluminous lashes are better, to achieve instant volume, layer the volumizing mascara on your lashes. Afterward, use a wand to capture each lash to deliver fullness and immediate volume.

Add Colored Mascara

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Adding a colored mascara is not a must but it has become a trend and it may suit you.

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