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The Right Clothing for Your Skin Tone
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The Right Clothing for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the perfect color combination of clothes can prove to be a daunting task due to one’s skin tone. People’s skin color and tone vary greatly from pale to that of strong coffee. Therefore, it is essential to identify your skin tone for the best fashion wear combination. Skin tone or undertone is the subtle shade beneath the skin’s surface and is comprised of the following categories:

  • Warm- It has a peach, yellow, or gold shade.
  • Cool- It veers between red and pink with a blue shade.
  • Neutral- It is a mix of the shades above.

Finding Your Undertone

  • Cleanse off your face: You should wash your face to remove any lotion, moisturizer, dirt, and oil. One should then rest for 10 minutes in order to reveal the real undertone; scrubbing the face makes it become pale red.
  • Expose your face in natural light: Different lighting affects the appearance of your skin and thus you should choose a sunny spot or next to a well-lit window. Hold a blank piece of white paper next to your face, if your face appears golden or yellow then you are probably warm, and if it looks red or pink then you cool.
  • Look at your veins: Hold your arm up in the natural light and determine the predominant color. If your veins appear greenish,  purple or bluish, or green or blue then you have warm, cool, or neutral skin tone,  respectively.
  • The gold/silver test: Silver tends to compliment well on cool skin tones. Gold tends to compliment well on warm skin tones. This information is important when you purchasing watches and bracelets.
  • The reaction of the skin to sun exposure: if you easily get sunburns and do not tan then you are of a cool skin tone. If you easily tan and get a few burns, then you have a warm or neutral skin tone.

Matching Your Clothes to Your Skin Tone

Cool skin tone/ Fair skin

If one wants to bring color to complexion, you have to choose color shades that clearly contrast with your skin tone. Darker colors such as burgundy, grey, black, navy blue, and jungle green combine well with the cool skin tone; avoid soft colors as they will only wash you out further.

Neutral skin tone/Medium skin

If you have a skin that tans rather than burn in the sun, then you have a neutral complexion, which gives you a wider array of colors to choose from. To be at your best, choose hues that are either a little darker or lighter than at the center. It’s wise to avoid shades of yellow or green colors as they are close to your skin’s tone and will end up making you look nude.

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Warm skin tone/ Dark skin.

Just like their medium counterparts, guys with a darker complexion can try any shade without anxiety. White is their lucky charm as it easily matches with their skin tones. Other colors that will suit them are peach, yellow-orange, light purple, and green. People with this skin color should avoid brown as it will not contrast clearly with the skin.


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