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The Do’s and Do not’s When Handling Pimples

The Do’s and Do not’s When Handling Pimples

Although pimples and acne can be frustrating and demotivating at times, there are specific rules on the do’s and do not’s when handling pimples. The majority of people have experienced waking up to unwelcoming glazes of pops on their faces. Pimples are clogged pores that have a mixture of oil, dead skin and bacteria, and can occur due to genetics, lifestyle, hormones, or diet. Below are some simple do’s and do not’s to help you control the pimples.

Do Not Pop Them

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Squeezing pimples can be very tempting. Never try squeezing or popping them as it only increases the risk of further infections, scarring, and prolonging the healing time. You should also resist the urge to pop them whenever they appear on the face.

Moisturize Everyday

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Moisturizing the skin ensures that it does not dry out and it makes it look and feel healthy. It also reduces the overproduction of sebum that greatly contributes to the appearance of pimples on the face. The healthier your skin is, the less prone you will be to pimples attacks.

Check with Your Dermatologist First

If you are suffering from bad acne, the best thing is to visit your dermatologist first. Your dermatologist will be able to diagnose your pimples and provide you with a skincare regime that is only suited to your skin.

Do Not Overexpose Your Skin On the Sun

Irrespective of whether you have acne or not, never get too much sun. Excessive sun exposure can damage the skin further and make acne worse.

Do Not Wash Your Face Excessively

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Washing your face excessively can irritate and dry out your skin. It may cause your skin to develop cracks.

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Use Ice Moderately

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Ice will help soothe the skin and reduce the swelling around pimples. But always remember to never leave the ice on the skin for long as the cold may irritate the skin.

Use Retinol

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Retinol is a magic product to the skin and a must-have product for anyone who is trying to fight off acne. It smoothens the appearance of the skin, evens out tone and texture, reverses early signs of aging, prevents breakouts, increases skin elasticity, smooths out wrinkles, and promotes firm skin.

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