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The Best Makeup Colors for Every Skin Tone

The Best Makeup Colors for Every Skin Tone

The Best Makeup Colours for Every Skin Tone

The market has a wide array of makeup colours, but people have to pick the right shade that complements their skin tone. A wrong colour choice can create a dreaded harsh line as it transitions from your jawline to your neck. Before knowing which makeup colours are going to work well for you, it is good to know which complexion you have. Below, we have shared tips that are going to guide you in knowing your skin tone and the best colour choice that will match with your skin tone.

How to know your skin tone

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Understanding the real colour of your skin is important to buying the right make up and creating a flawless makeup look. The simple way of knowing your skin tone is by looking at the veins on the underside of your forearm in the sunlight. If the colour of your veins is blue, then you have a cool undertone. If the colour of your veins is yellow or olive, then you have a warm undertone. If the colour of your veins is both blue and green, then you have a neutral undertone. Now that you know how to determine your skin tone, here is how you can find the very best shades for your specific skin tone.

Fair Skin

People with cool undertones tend to have fair skin. Fair skin people have a hard time finding the perfect shade to suit their cool undertone. This is because colours can be too pigmented and harsh. Fair skin foundation choice should often be too pink or too yellow. Therefore fair skin should avoid foundations, blushes, lip colours, and eyeshadows that are too orangish-red. Moreover, orange tinged pigment can make the skin look unhealthy and washed out.

Light Skin

Light skin complexion people have cool undertones; therefore, they have an easy time when choosing makeup shades in comparison to the fair skin people. There are some guidelines though that these people have to keep in mind when choosing colours that will suit their skin tone. Firstly, light skin toned individuals should stay away from warm brown shades because they can make the skin look washed out. Light skin people can blend well in makeup colours that have cool tones; cool tones have hints of blue.

Medium Skin

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Medium skin complexion ranges between medium to fair or medium to dark. People with this skin tone couple well with nude and neutral shades. Individuals with medium-fair skin tones should use a foundation with yellow undertones or the ones with a tinge of gold glow. Medium-fair skin tone can also rock peachy gold blushes, creamy beige eyeshadows, and reddish brown lipstick with no problem. Medium-dark skin tone can look good in a foundation that is more of a honey colour. Furthermore, medium-dark skin can look good in a variety of products without looking washed out. People with medium-dark can rock bright or metallic eyeshadows, pale lipstick, or even pink blushes.

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Olive Skin

Olive skin tone has neutral or yellow undertones with green hues.  Finding the right shade for this complexion can be a challenge. To find the right shade for this skin tone trial and error has to be involved. First, an individual has to pick three colours that are close to their skin tone. One shade has to be the skin tone shade, another one a shade darker and another one a shade lighter. Then, apply the shades along your jawline and let them dry. Finally, you will choose the one that blends seamlessly with you. For the eyeshadow colours, an individual has to choose teal and ditch the blues, as that colour will flatter your skin tone.

Dark Skin

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Dark skin tone has green undertone. People with this skin tone should aim to look three dimensional by blending different shades, a lighter and a darker. These people should choose accent colors that complement their complexion. Deep shades like chestnut, burgundy, plum, crimson and shades of reddish-brown will flatter dark skin.

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