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Tanzania’s Afro-urban Fashion, Kemi Kalikawe Collections

Tanzania’s Afro-urban Fashion, Kemi Kalikawe Collections

Tanzania’s Afro-urban Fashion, Kemi Kalikawe Collections

Kemi Kalikawe Collections is Tanzania’s ready-to-wear contemporary Afro-urban clothing that also sells accessories for both women and children. For sure, its Afro-urban designs consistently fuse flattering minimalistic silhouettes that consist of modern African fabrics. Kemi Kalikawe Collections often feature attractive office-wear and smart-casual styles with an enthralling African twist. As a fashion designer, she researches the latest contemporary styles, creates sketches and samples, chooses materials, attends fashion shows, administers the business, markets the products and supervises tailors. She has exhibited her collections during Swahili Fashion Week, Vintage Catwalk, Maridadi Fashion Show, For Fashion’s Sake, WaPi Kenya and Barazani Fashion Show.

Indeed, she has worked to strengthen the fashion industry in Tanzania by hosting and participating in multiple fashion round-table discussions. Additionally, she facilitated the first East African fashion incubator boot camp, which Culture and Development East Africa curated. Kemi also founded Naledi Dream Center, a fashion school based in Tanzanian in 2019, which is dedicated to inspire leadership and educate young fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore, she has received an award for her fashion design creativity in platforms such as Swahili Fashion Week’s Innovative Fashion Designer of 2017. Additionally, in 2019, Kemi was the only African, in a group of 12 international designers, who take part in a 4 continent fashion tour under China’s Belt and Road initiative.

Kemi Kalikawe’s latest collection is more of sustainability and caring for the planet while at the same time, creating flattering and exciting fashion designs. As such, below, we have featured some of the latest sustainable designs by Kemi Kalikawe.

Flowy Summer Top

Indeed, the flowy summer top is a cool top for the warm and sunny days as its name suggests. This dress is sustainable as its raw materials consist of cotton fabric with natural dyes.

Drop Waist Summer Dress

Drop waist summer is a sustainable dress since she relies on hand printing techniques, Moreover, she hand-dyes the dresses using natural dyes and cotton fabric.

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Safari Dress

Fit and Flare Dress

Fit and flare dress design are among the sustainable fashion piece that Kemi Kalikawe has made.

Avant-Garde Fashion

The avant-garde fashion is a hallmark of modernism, as distinct from postmodernism. Kemi Kalikawe Collection created this avant-garde fashion piece that is also sustainable.

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