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Take me to WAKANDA

Take me to WAKANDA

Black panther definitely has a great place in memory lane as one of the best movies Marvel has produced. Wakanda was simply; a representation of the African culture in two hours. I felt empowered as a person of color by how they depicted us as super heroes.

Wakanda is where we all want to go to when the movie ends. Wakanda feels like an actual place. I have never seen culture and power that well portrayed in one encounter.

I felt like walking out of the Cinema ready to get my identity inked on my body; after which, I would walk to my local designer to get me a pair of Ankara material and leather strapped sandals (true African indeed oh sorry, true Wakandan I think).

On the real guys though, what did you think about the make-up, outfits and hairstyles? Well here are our best looks from the movie

1. The queen mother ( Angela Basset)

The grey hair made her look like a goddess. It blended so well with  her complexion. I mean all that melanin sister!  My South African accent comes automatically at my exclamation.

2. Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o)

My Kenyan english and swahili cannot fully explain the magic this sister of ours brings!  Too magical! And that she had the chance with the Wakandan king! Lucky girl! I would move heaven and earth’s vibranium for her role. However, staying back on course her fashion sense for a cultural and action movie was on fleek.

3. Okoye (Dania Gurira)

Someone help me better my Zimbawean lingo! This woman represented the war and zeal in women. She is simply; GENERAL and her love for Wakanda was just intriguing to watch.  She makes you want to go after your passions with every ounce of strength in you. And her bald, we all love.

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4. Winston Duke

Well well well. He is just power in one picture! Where are my Nigerians at? And that he does not need vibranium to reign and war!? Say no more.

5. Forest Whitaker

He always does justice to any piece that lands in his hands. If there be any African American that can do justice and create an accurate depiction to any African culture and personality, Forest will carry the prize any day!

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