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Suitable Bikinis for Different Body Types
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Suitable Bikinis for Different Body Types

When it comes to beachwear, women often became anxious as they are not sure of the bikinis that suit them based on their body types. The secret to achieving the perfect beach look is by understanding that specific bikinis are suited for different body sizes and types as some will flatter your body, while others enhance your flaws. Below, we unveil the official guide to selecting the best beachwear.

Small Chest

Women with small chests generally have smaller tops with an A or B cup size. The best bikini type for such body types is one that contains embellished detailing, bows, and patterns, as they create the illusion of a larger chest or minimal coverage. Alternatively, bra tops, padded push-up, and certain halter tops offer extra lift and can create cleavage.

Pear Shape

Pear body types are curvy at the hips and thighs and often have small chests. The secret to flaunting a bikini with this body type is through balancing your proportions and getting the best coverage for your lower body area; thus, one should avoid boy shorts. Also, eye-catching tops will draw attention upward, and less towards the bottom. 

 Large Chest

Photo credit: Vera Sidika

Women with the large chests are well-endowed on the upper body, and thus, require more support up. If you have this body type you should opt for molded cups as they give the support required by the busts. Additionally, one should avoid tops with ruffles as the main goal is to minimize attention to the upper region.

 Tummy Concealing

Women with such body types carry more weight in the middle region of their body; the belly. Best bikini type for women with tummy-concealing body types is the retro-inspired high-waisted suit. These bikinis are currently trending as they cover the abdomen and smooth out the middle part very well.

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Athletic body types are straighter on both the upper and lower body and have fewer curves. The key to selecting the best bikini is by going for styles that flatter your curves. Bikinis with less coverage create a curvier illusion on your body. Additionally, tie-side bikini bottoms enhance curves and adjust perfectly to your size. Tops or bottoms with bold prints, ruffles, and embellishments enhance curves and adds the feminist.



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