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Suave Kenya: Renewing the Look of Used Denim

Suave Kenya: Renewing the Look of Used Denim

Suave Kenya: Renewing the Look of Used Denim

Suave Kenya is renowned in Kenya for its fancy Denim backpack blended with Kitenge fabric. Indeed, this upcycling bag company breathes new life into used fabrics. Upcycling involves the use of existing pieces and the efficient utilization and management of resources.

Suave Kenya Bags

Since Suave Kenya reuses fabric pieces such as denim, leather and silk to manufacture different kinds of bags, below, we have highlighted some of these unique products.   

Denim Backpacks

Suave Kenya: Renewing the Look of Used Denim

The Denim backpack is the main product of Suave Kenya. The amazing bags are a combination of old-school Denim fabrics and leather.  

Tote Bags

Suave Kenya: Renewing the Look of Used Denim

Cross Body Bag

Suave Kenya: Renewing the Look of Used Denim

Suave Kenya makes the cross-body bags using denim or the Kitenge fabric.

Source and Inspiration

With the enormous technological and population growth in the world, more companies are producing textiles. However, these clothes often end up in landfills and people use them. Nonetheless, if individuals do not consider them trash, they dispose of them at thrift shops. Although the thrift shops assist to reduce wastage, they only manage to sell a small percentage as second-hand clothes. In most cases, entrepreneurs sell excessive clothes from developed countries such as the United States to Africa. Gikomba Market is the largest open-air flea market in East Africa.

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Indeed, the fast internet access and smartphones in Africa have prompted fashion-forwardness in Africa thus significantly reducing the interest in the developed countriesā€™ fashion. Suaveā€™s model relies on a waste economy, whereby they upcycle used clothes. Suave Kenya does not support landfills and it is giving life to these clothes by converting them into beautiful and functional bags. Besides, Suave Kenya uses all kinds of fabrics from the flea market including denim, leather and silk shirts.

Bag Preparation, Ripping, Cutting and Making

The designers have to destroy fabric such as denim and silk first before rebuilding them. The destruction involves a lot of cutting, ripping and tearing apart. Nonetheless, the main aim of this process is to receive value for the fabric.

Awards and Recognition

Ethical Fashion team and European Union Partnerships have recognized Suave Kenya for their contribution to a sustainable world. Additionally, the brand will participate in the 2021 Ethical Fashion accelerator program in Kenya alongsideĀ Katush NairobiĀ and Hamaji_Studio

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