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Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots
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Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots

The 1990s fashion is back and hairstyles being part of fashion they also make it back. The Bantu knots hairstyle was prominent in the 90s and it was worn on any hair type and any hair length. Today it is back and fresh and it is still the same timeless style.  This classic hairstyle is achieved by dividing hair into units, then twisting those individual units into knots either large or tiny according to what you feel will elevate your look. Another thing is that Bantu knots are a great protective style as they protect your hair against any potential damage.  It is also an easy hair up do and it costs very little. Below we have detail fully highlighted 10 dazzling looks that will make you mad for hairstyle. Enjoy!

Bantu Knots on Natural Hair

Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots

To create natural bantu knots you just two strand wind a unit of hair, and then take that two strand and wrap it around itself. This procedure elasticities the hair while creating huge ringlets and beautiful natural curls.  You can do it on wet or dry hair, and when you do this on dry hair it actually expanses it a bit more. The style will add an instant amount of sophistication to your daily look. Make sure to give it a go!

Large Bantu Knots Using Marley Hair

Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots
Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots

Marley hair is a type of synthetic hair that resembles the texture of natural hair and it looks kinky and curly. It can make beautiful and large knots. This look can be achieved by winding the Marley hair loosely. Then securing them with pins to last longer.

Small Bantu Knots

Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots

This style can be bothersome. And in order to make them, proper preparation is vital for this immaculate look. Deep conditioning with oiling will help relax the hair so that it will be easy to manage.

Cute Knots and Hair Beads

Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots

You can adorn the bantu hairstyle look by adding hair beads. This will make your hairstyle stand-out and your style look authentic.  Embroider your knots with some wooden, marble or gold beads on two tiny braids.

Big, Tight and Sexy Bantu Knots

Protective Style
Protective Style

Big and tight knots makes your look sassy and sexier. This hairstyle is elegant, and undeniably independent that it does not need any accessories to look gorgeous. It is an awesome hairstyle that keeps your face open and shows that you are not afraid to show off your beauty to the world.

Blonde Bantu Knots

Blonde Style

When you really want to make your knots the center of attraction, you can use a contrastive shade like blonde colour. You do not have to worry about bleaching your hair to get the hairstyle. There are blonde extensions that you can wind around your knots and they will give you the needed finish.

Braided Bantu Knots

Braided Bantu Knots

If you are passionate with this look! You can recreate it.  Separate the braids into smaller units. Then take the first unit, wind the braids together and form a knot. For firmer bantu knots you can secure with a hair elastic.

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Sister Locks Plus Bantu Knots

Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots

Sister locks can be splendid to style. And if you want an endearing way to keep your sister locks away from your face give bantu knots a try. Pair with stylish accessories and some classy dress, this look will be your pick for the most momentous events.

Red Braided Knots

Stunning Ways to Wear Bantu Knots
Red braided knots

Try something totally new and flattering like a magnificent and colorful hairstyle! Ladies who really want to be in the spotlight, do not ever pass it by. And, oddly enough, you do not need to have long hair to get it. Just some red braided hair and turn it into bantu knots. Life is too short for boring hair, right?

Easy Protective Style

Protective Style
Protective Style

Bantu knots is a good protective style for natural hair. And it works on the premise that you will not do unnecessary damage to your hair and will retain its length. Furthermore, it is a beautiful hairstyle and one can choose any pattern that suits their mood and flaunt it with a totally unbelievable style.

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