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Steps to Achieving the Perfect Retro Makeup Appearance

Steps to Achieving the Perfect Retro Makeup Appearance

Steps to Achieving the Perfect Retro Makeup Appearance

Since we are in 2021, it does not mean that retro makeup looks are not as alluring as they were in the 70s’, the 80s’ or 90s’. In fact, retro makeup looks are becoming more popular for their simplicity; you can pair simple makeup with a cat eye, bold red lip, and a distinct hairstyle. As such, below, we have described ways to achieve the retro alluring makeup style.

Prime Your Face

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Since you want a long-lasting retro makeup look, apply a face primer to smoothen pores and regulate extra shine on the face. To apply the facial primer, squeeze a tiny amount of the product on the back of your hand, mix it with your finger to blend the product, and then dab it all over your face. Afterward, rub the primer while covering every area and crevice of your face including the cheeks, nose, temples, forehead line and chin. Once it is absorbed, proceed to apply the foundation.

Apply Foundation

Subsequently, apply foundation for uniform skin color to brighten your complexion. Indeed, foundation lessens the appearance of hyper-pigmentations such as brown spots or areas of depigmentation. To apply, use an egg-shaped sponge and smear some foundation on it. Afterward, start by tapping the foundation from the middle of the face to the nose, and then outwards toward the hairline. Next, apply some foundation between the eyebrows as you proceed upwards to the forehead. Lastly, apply the product on the chin, lips and along the jawline using a fluffy brush to blend the foundation.

Apply Some Concealer

After applying the foundation, proceed with the concealer. For sure, a concealer is similar to a foundation but only heavier. A concealer or color corrector works with the foundation to provide additional coverage to achieve even skin tones and mask visible blemishes.

Apply Blush

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Indeed, retro makeup look is simple since it does not involve contouring and highlighting; you can directly apply the blush onto the apple of your cheeks and towards the temple.

Lock the Look in with a Setting Spray

Since your facial makeup looks all good, spray some makeup setting spray for a fresh look all day.

Apply Light Eyeshadow

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Furthermore, use the lightest color of the eyeshadow on your eyelids.

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Apply Mascara

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Since mascara is a timeless eye makeup look, few coats on the lashes will help to achieve a retro makeup look.

Pencil in Eyebrows

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Certainly, retro-looking eyebrows are natural-looking. Therefore, you should use an ultra-fine pencil to create small hair-like strokes throughout your eyebrows for a natural look. 

Finish with a Bold Red Lip

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For a complete retro look, fill in the lips with bold red lipstick.

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