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Skin Care Tips That Will Enhance Your Facial Glow

Skin Care Tips That Will Enhance Your Facial Glow

Despite the quarantine, skincare routines should remain a priority if you want to achieve a facial glow.  Taking care of one’s skin ensures that it remains beautiful and healthy. Moreover, it helps to boost self-esteem. Below, we have highlighted some of the tricks and tips that will promote your facial glow.

Eat Healthy and Drink Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Nowadays, most people prefer junk foods such as burgers, fries, and sodas. However, these foods are not healthy and do not promote skin glow. Instead, you should consume vegetable and fruit juices since they contain fiber and other essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they have antioxidants that inhibit the growth of free radicals.

Do Not Sleep with Your Make-Up

Whenever you go to bed, you should clean your face with cleansers to open the pores of your skin. You should always allow your skin pores to breathe as you sleep.

Clean Your Make up Brushes

Ensure that you maintain the cleanliness of the makeup brushes since they can accumulate dead skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution, and bacteria which cause skin infections. Skin experts recommend washing your concealer and foundation brushes once a week.

Reduce Direct Heat Exposure

Overexposure to sun rays can cause wrinkles, age spots and increase the risk of contracting skin cancer. Further, you should avoid getting to proximity to heaters and fireplaces as they can also harm your skin.

Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

Pimples and other skin issues result when the body is dehydrated. As such, you should drink plenty of water, around eight glasses of water a day, to keep your skin hydrated.

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Use Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases help to prevent wrinkles, keep skin hydrated, and regulate body heat. Furthermore, it is also good for the hair as it averts tangles and breakage.

Choose the Correct Cleanser for Your Skin Type

You should know your skin type before choosing an appropriate cleanser. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, a salicylic such as Neutrogena Acne Proofing gel may work better. However, if it is dry, you should use a moisturizing glycolic cleanser such as Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Additionally, you should moisturize your skin right after you leave the shower and before you go to bed.

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