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Simple Workout to Partake in The Least Amount of Time
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Simple Workout to Partake in The Least Amount of Time

Currently, due to the corona virus pandemic, most people cannot access the gym to workout. Besides, others have busy schedules so having simple workout routines will help. It is important for people to recognize that exercises can either be high-intensity interval (HIIT) or low-intensity interval training (LIIT). The former incorporates intense exercises and recovery time is minimal, whereas LIIT alternates low-intensity exercises with high-intensity workouts. However, (HIIT) activities are limited. Below, we have recommend simple but effective exercise that people can partake at home without the use of different pieces of equipment.

Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack exercise involves standing with feet put together and jumping while stretching the feet outwards. Moreover, as the feet stretch, the hands go above the head. People should then repeat the process.


Hold a plank position with the arms and feet lifting the body off the ground. Note that, the back has to remain straight. Additionally, your elbows should be bent at ninety degrees on the floor.


This exercise involves being at a plank position. You should then lower your body until your elbows make a right angle, then lift yourself. Repeat the process for several push-ups.

Mountain climbers

First get into a plank position, then move your knees to try and reach your hands one leg at a time. Repeat the process as fast as you can.


 The burpees exercise involves doing push-up then jumping to a standing position. Afterward, one should get back to the push-up position and repeat the process all over.

Russian Twist

Sit up in a v-shape with legs together and off the floor. Afterward, move your upper body from side to side while ensuring that your legs do not move.

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Pulsing squats

You can begin the pulsing squats by putting feet hip-width apart. Second, squat to a ninety-degree angle with a straight back while stretching forth your arms. Gradually stand halfway then go back to a squat position. Repeat this process.

High knees

The high knees exercise involves running on the spot while moving the knees upward.

Further, you can incorporate these workouts into your routine and repeat them thrice or more times a week. Additionally, it is important to rest between the workouts so that you can fully engage all your muscles.

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