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Sassy Shirt Dresses That You Can Comfortably Rock

The shirt dress is an extended casual shirt and this versatile trend is for minimalist women who love being classy. The shirt dress provides women with diverse choices of lengths, sleeves, and hemlines so that they can create a multitude of outfits from one straightforward dress. Shirt dresses come in a variety of designs, and prints, depending on your style. Below we have highlighted on sassy shirt dresses that you can comfortably rock.

Floral Shirt Dress

A floral knee-length shirt dress is charmingly feminine and looks lovely with a woven boho bag. When styling any floral shirt dress, bold colored accessories are never advisable. Instead, go for plain and simple minimal accessories, sneakers or sandals to cook up a solid summer look.

White Shirt Dress

A White shirt dress is a whole complete look on its own and it brings out your classy side. The best thing about the white shirt dress is that you can style it in different ways. You can pair it with strappy heels, flat doll shoes, converse all-stars and vans. You can also throw on a pair of loop earrings to add some fun.

Striped Shirt Dress

If you are after a fashion statement, a striped shirt dress can be a stylish option. You can style it in very many ways. You can accompany it with accessories and pair it with heels or plain rubber shoes. Stripes can look anything from a classic, playful fashion statement, or a fashion-forward, depending on the style of the dress you choose.

See Also

Xhosa Fabric Shirt Dress

Xhosa fabric print shirt dress is extremely versatile as you can easily dress it to any occasion. The best way to look smart in the Xhosa fabric print dress is to pair it with heels or African beaded sandals to match.

Bardu Shirt Dress

Bardu Shirt dress is a fashion classic that will spice up your look. There are plenty of ways to style it up for a truly polished look. You can pair it with heels, African beaded sandals, flats shoes and rubber shoes.

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