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Runway Fashion Trends for 2019

Runway Fashion Trends for 2019

No one has a clear mental image of the intriguing looks that will be on trend for the rest of the year. Though we can be able to predict the patterns that will waltz into our wardrobes from the African runway. Thanks to fashion events and influencers in the industry, we have a sneak peek of the trends.


At end of 2018, one was likely to meet people on the streets flaunting shades of neon colors. And as of 2019, it is no exception as people are going for the colors in full force. Some of these colors include lime green, luminous pink, and yellow, which are unapologetic to the eye. When people wear neon colors, it communicates confidence and is hard to pull your eye off them.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are not new to the scenes of the runway, however, its clothing designs keep on changing year- in- year-out as people redesign the prints, and come up with artistic and eye-catching colors. Floral always pops up, and 2019 is no exception. For instance, this trend is one of the designs that will appear on the upcoming runways shows in Ghana.  

Animal Prints

Animal print is yet another topping runway pattern that we will see in 2019. I am confident to state that most people love animal prints and it will be more spiced up this year. We will see plenty of zebra, snakeskin, tiger, cheetah, leopard print, and crinkly rhino’s skin patterns. If you are not considering to rock these animal prints, you will be off the grid. Swirl your curves in them and you shall never offend the fashion cop.


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West Africans love this outfit and over the years, the trend has made way to international runways. Kaftans are made of plain fabric and can have some embroideries here and there, or with colorful designs around the necks, wrists, and pocket area. This is one of the trends that you can never miss in a runway show in West Africa since it keeps getting better with time because it comes in a wide range of colors and designs.

Feather Outfits

Feather dresses and skirts  will be a big trend on the runways in Africa in 2019. Designers draw their inspiration from peacock and ostrich feathers and incorporate them into fashion sketches that make up beautiful clothes. Be sure, in 2019, as you walk across the streets of Johannesburg, Nairobi, Kampala, Lagos and other African cities you will see people rocking these designs.

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