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Relaunch of the Noir Gallery

Relaunch of the Noir Gallery

Noir Gallery

The Noir Gallery located on Muthangari Drive, is a space of artistic expression like no other in the city. The play between art and nature creates a calming and inspirational experience for any person who walks through it. The gallery exhibition was tastefully curated by Ria Ana Sejpal.

The Noir gallery space exhibits creative works from a selection of artists’ work including photography, fine art, sculpture, fashion and crafts.

There is a gift shop run by Wapi Box, which sells a variety of hand crafted in Kenya gems like chocolate, jewelry, herbal teas, book marks, rugs, baskets, miniature trucks and lots more!

We put together a list of creators. Meet the creators:

Sculptures by Gakunju Kaigwa

On display, were interactive pieces made wood. Two pieces named The Sultan and Kiboko shaped like an arm chair and a stool respectively can actually be sat on. Kiboko was inspired by the leg of a hippo, while a few other pieces were shaped into coffee tables with amazingly sculptural bases for legs. Other sculptures of mixed media were also on display. All worthy to be centerpieces.

Landscapes by Priscilla Baxter

The photographic collection of amazing Icelandic landscapes, Kenyan wildlife and the stunning Samburu Warrior by Pricilla Baxter bring something uniquely captivating into the space. The Buffalo Sunset is so warm and dreamy, but he star of the show is The Rhino, which has been featured in the National Geographic. An excellent piece of work.

Cradle Mind by Kiragu Thuo

A seasoned photographer who’s specialty is portrait and commercial photography. He has worked with top corporate Kenyan brands like EABL, Safaricom, Telkom, Nivea and CocaCola. His moving series for this exhibition features a powerful 3 part story inspired by mental health and bringing awareness to topic. Despite the heavy subject addressed in this series, the black and gold portraits make for stunning pieces of art.

Shona Jacket by LILABARE

Shona Jacket

The singular fashion installation in the space was a standout piece. We uncovered the deeper inspiration from the team at LILABARE. Mauritius, an allegorist and intern at the brand explained that for her, the piece represented the internal turmoils of the human experience which are often well dressed up and composed on the exterior using fashion. Thought provoking indeed.

They were also showcasing other products at the gallery.

Abstract Emotion by Bissy Riva

Bissy riva is a fine artist currently based in Nairobi a Bostoner whose background is in Fine Art and Textiles. When COVID hit the world, and “normal life” was deconstructed Riva felt that it was the right time for her to focus on her paintings and this is her first exhibition in Kenya.

Bissy Riva

Her abstract style pieces are both beautiful and gripping. She explained her inspiration being sourced from memory and emotion. Her work exhibits reflective and calm emotions, as well as intense and dark emotions, painted from memory.

Other artists that were featured and had their works displayed included Priyanka Shah and Alissa Thakker. The collection of artists are set to transform every 2 months with the addition of digital arts, yoga and pole & fire dance classes.

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