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Oridays: The Convenient Kenyan Online Fashion Retailer

Oridays: The Convenient Kenyan Online Fashion Retailer

Oridays: The Convenient Kenyan Online Fashion Retailer

Oridays is an online fashion retailer that brings together the most extensive collection of authentic apparel and accessories from Kenyan high street and high-end fashion brands. Indeed, Oridays aims to shrink the gap between designers and the customer by bringing the latter closer to the products at an affordable price. Apart from providing consumers with easy access to locally produced fashion, Oridays enables better exposure to local brands through the online store. As such, below, we have highlighted Oridays’ latest fashion and some of their values that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Oridays Values

Oridays believes that clothes have more meaning and longevity if people think less about owning the cheapest thing, and instead, develop a relationship with the things they wear. Simply, the brand promotes a sense of style with ethical clothes production that contributes to timeless fashion. Therefore, some of the values that Oridays upholds include;


Indeed, Oridays supports smaller producers and local brands to minimize earth’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. Additionally, this brand encourages the use of biodegradable fabrics and up-cycling various materials.

Ethical Practices

Furthermore, Oridays engages in a range of due diligence activities to promote and sustain fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and environmental responsibility. The brand also supports local designers and ensures that the people who work on the various items receive fair treatment.

Quality Control

Oridays observes high standards of production; from the materials they use to the finishing of the final item. The brand also conducts random quality checks to ensure that the shopper receive precisely what they have ordered.

User-Friendly Online Platform

The brand ensures their web shop runs at optimum levels to always give the shopper an easy time shopping. 


Since Oridays is aware that their shoppers have different purchasing power, it has picked designers who will cater to every shopper’s potential without compromising the quality and style. 

Some of Oridays Latest Fashion Designs

Ikojn Long Sleeve Wrap Blouse

The Ikojn long sleeve wrap blouse is a classy white wrap blouse in soft cotton material with tie detail to give a closer fit to your waistline. For sure, this designer piece is easy to pair with your favorite bottom for a fabulous look.

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The Nuralains Yellow Flower Print Dress

Photo Courtesy: Oridays Webpage

The Nuralains dress is an African print full-length button-down dress with long sleeves and a folded collar. For sure, you can style this yellow flower print dress with a belt to shape it as a long kimono.

Simba Denim Jacket

Photo Courtesy: Oridays Webpage

Simba Denim jacket is an up-cycled long-sleeved denim jacket with a collared neckline, button-down front, and double chest pocket. Interestingly, the back of this jacket has a beautiful custom statement ‘hand-printed lion’.

Black Wolf Print Shirt

Photo Courtesy: Oridays Webpage

The black wolf print shirt is an excellent black shirt with custom-made African Wolf print on the sides, sleeves, and yoke. Indeed, the blue and purple shades of the print keep this piece calm and composed. Particularly, this shirt is perfect for casual and dress-down days at the office and any social occasion including weddings and parties.

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