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Nike Launches New Innovative Hands-free Shoes

Nike Launches New Innovative Hands-free Shoes

Nike Launches New Innovative Hands-free Shoes

Nike officially unveiled the GO Flyease which is the world’s first hands-free sneaker. For sure, the product is easy- on and easy-off for people who cannot wear, tie or remove their shoes. The benefits of the hands-free shoes extend beyond comfortability. For instance, whether your concern is any disabilities that prevent bending over and undoing fasteners, or stepping out of the shoe at the end of the day without touching it, this sneaker is best for both occasions. Indeed, the shoes have come at a convenient time when health institutions recommend people not to touch surfaces due to the pandemic.

Video Courtesy: Nike’s Website

The Nike GO Flyease has a bi-stable hinge that ensures the kick is secure in fully open and closed states. Moreover, the shoe has a kickstand heel that allows the wearer to take the shoes off using opposite heels. Further, apart from having a diving board that maintains a continuous foot-bed for comfort and stability, it has a tensioner that enhances the movement of the shoe. This new release of the Nike GO Flyease from Nike’s official website shows various color choices including the all-black shoe with a dark blue accent, a stripped shoe made of black, purple, orange, gray and blue lines, and a light-color shoe that can either be green, blue, pink or white.

Nike Launches New Innovative Hands-free Shoes
Photo Courtesy: Nike’s Website

Since the bi-hinge and tensioner do all the work, putting the shoes on is just a matter of stepping into them. On the contrary, to take them off, you first use your other foot to hold down the backside of the heel then step out of the shoe. The Nike GO Flyease will start selling on February 15, 2021, for $120, but only, to the subscribers of the free membership program on Nike’s website. Mass sales will occur later this year.

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