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Nancie Mwai Serves Us the Most Stunning Looks

Nancie Mwai Serves Us the Most Stunning Looks

There is no denying that Nancie Mwai has dominated the Kenyan fashion scene. She is a living proof to the fact that whatever you put your mind into, combined with hard work and consistency, will surely pay off. She is an entrepreneur, fashion designer and a blogger.

Nancie Mwai started her entrepreneurial journey while in college as she used to buy and resell second-hand clothes, and also, write fashion blogs. She currently owns a fashion store Shop New Level which designs its own clothes. She launched the store in 2016 and started by importing clothes, but now, the company manufactures all her designs. The shop stocks beautiful designs for the office, loungewear and night outs. Shop New Level has raised the Kenyan and African flag worldwide in the fashion segment.

Some of her achievements include winning ‘Fashion Blog of the Year’ two consecutive times in a row in Kenya and being featured in multiple mainstream media entrepreneurial segments. Nancie Mwai has indeed worked her way up to become a style icon in Kenya. She displays an effortlessly stylish appeal and sexy classiness. Below, we have highlighted some styles you can copy from her to dress magnificently as she does.

Nancie Mwai’s Style

Mom Jeans

Photo Credits: Nancie Mwai’s Instagram Page

Nancie has combined rugged mom jeans, a white vest, zebra print blazer jacket and strappy heels for a photogenic look. She has also paired a rugged denim jacket with a white t-shirt and rugged mom jeans. You can copy her style or spice up your mom jeans look with bodysuits, crop tops, rubber shoes, and doll shoes. This classic look is beautiful for office weekend parties, lunch dates, shopping and traveling.


Photo Credits: Nancie Mwai’s Instagram Page

Nancie Mwai has paired a shirtdress with a maroon fedora hat and white all-star converse rubber shoes. In the adjacent picture, she has worn a shirtdress and added a thick brown belt to her look. This looks suits all body types and blends well with most shoes including rubber shoes, heels, sandals, and thigh-high boots. This is a fantastic look to wear when you meet with your girls, shopping, and tours in places with warm weather.

Free Maxi Dresses

Photo Credits: Nancie Mwai’s Instagram Page

Nancie has worn a black free maxi dress with a maroon hat and in the second picture has a chartreuse green maxi dress. You can also elevate your elegance to the next level with a free maxi dress. It is wonderful for weekend shopping activities or relaxing with friends. Whether you prefer it black, lime green, orange or white, you can never be odd with a beautiful dress like this. It’s best to amp it up with a fedora hat as it will take your look to a whole new level. No matter where you are going, you will feel on top of the fashion scene in this dress.

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Palazzo Pants

Photo Credits: Nancie Mwai’s Instagram Page

Nancie certainly looks good rocking red palazzo pants with a white boop top bra. She is often spotted rocking palazzo pants for photo shoots, fancy events and more. Palazzo pants look cute when paired with both sleeveless and long-sleeved bodysuits, crop tops, fitting chiffon tops, doll shoes, both closed and open sandals, closed heels and strappy heels. The best part about this type of trousers is that it can be an office wear outfit or a casual wear outfit.

Fedora Hat

Photo Credits: Nancie Mwai’s Instagram Page

The fedora hat is one of Nancie’s most signature accessories. Fedora hats add perfect finishing to an outfit. If you are heading to a fancy event, wedding, shopping, or a date, make this hat your go-to accessory.

Bell Hand Tops

Photo Credits: Nancie Mwai’s Instagram Page

Another classic choice for Nancie is her collection of bell hand tops. Apart from adding fun and sophistication to your dress code, they are excellent for any event. Nancie’s look is an assurance that you cannot go wrong with this flattering piece.

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