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Nail Polish Tips and Hacks
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Nail Polish Tips and Hacks

Most people prefer to have their nail polish done by professionals. However, it is equally important and necessary to learn the skill yourself in case it chips off or an item scratches it.  Therefore, if you are striving for better results and the ideal manicure, here are some wonderful tricks to enable you to get a flawless paint job.

Use ice water to dry your nails

We know it sounds awkward; however, you should dunk your painted nails in ice water after a short air dry, so as to set the shading! If the air is sticky, you’ll need to hold them up for longer periods of time to give them a chance to dry. Note, one should not sit near a fan as it will extend the drying procedure!

Line your nails with Vaseline pre-painting

Line your nails with Vaseline pre-painting so as to make it easy and simple to clean up once you are done with the manicure. Vaseline makes an obstruction between your nail and your skin so that you can clear off the petroleum jelly and it will take any nail polish that are mix-up with it!

Make your very own nail art decals

Paint a dainty layer of nail polish on plastic wrap. After it is totally dried, utilize a hole or an aesthetic punch, to pierce out spots or different shapes. Lay the plastic wrap on the painted nail and seal with a top coat; custom nail art decal!

Utilize an angled eyebrow brush for simple tidy up

You can use angled eyebrow brushes to clean around the fingernail so that they may not flare out as the fibers are tight and compact. These brushes assist to give one a pleasant and clean edge.

A dotted manicure

Stick a pin in a pencil eraser for better grip and use it to dot away!

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Prevent Chipping

In order to prevent chipping, paint two base coats, one on the top half part of the nail and the second coat over the entire nail. This ensures that the tip of your nail lasts more. Also, when applying the base cover, think about using a white clean as your base as it enables the shading to pop!

Use a small nail art brush

It is normal to commit errors during designing of nails. Therefore, one should purchase a little nail art brush and dip it in nail remover to tidy up a design gone badly. Such fine brushes are available at Young Nails and at Maskscara. Never do thick coats as different multiple thin coats are the best way to go.

Use olive oil/ cooking oil

Splash your nails with cooking oil spray as it will set good shading and prevent dirty marks.

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