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Mzukisi Mbane: Leading an Afro Futuristic Fashion Through his Brand Imprint

Mzukisi Mbane: Leading an Afro Futuristic Fashion Through his Brand Imprint

Mzukisi Mbane: Leading an Afro Futuristic Fashion Through his Brand Imprint

Mzukisi Mbane is the creative director and co-founder of the Afro Futuristic Fashion Brand, Imprint South Africa. He is also a qualified accountant who is now pursuing his passion as a creative entrepreneur in the field of retail and fashion design. Indeed, the designer has solely focused on creating Afro-futuristic designs. Besides, Mbane has achieved some milestones including participating in the Design Indaba Emerging Creative 2015 and Fashion week in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco and New York. Furthermore, international fashion magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, GQ and Vogue have featured his work. As such, below, we have highlighted some of the latest afro futuristic designs by Mzukisi Mbane.

Imprint Kaftan Dress

Photo Credit: Imprint_za’s Twitter

The Imprint Kaftan dress is carefree, flattering and fun to wear. Apart from being a free size, this Kaftan dress has a perfect blend of zebra print colors. Moreover, it is perfect for almost every social, formal or casual occasion.

Imprint Monochrome Suit

The Imprint Monochrome suit consists of a blend of black and white colors. Indeed, the designer utilized Afro tribal designs to blend both creativity and art into a beautiful fashion statement.

Imprint’s Envelope Dress

Additionally, the Imprint Envelope dress is a versatile loose-fitting kaftan dress. Since this dress is easy and flowy, it is a good option for relaxed days.

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Imprint Summer Kaftan

The Imprint Summer consists of an Afro Kaftan as it blends futuristic prints into apparel. For sure, you can rock this dress on a range of occasions including summer wear, beachwear, lounging at home or even as sleepwear if you prefer something long and floaty. 

Imprint Zebra Print Jumpsuit

This Imprint Zebra Jumpsuit is the latest design by Mbane. This jumpsuit is characterized by a zebra print and wide legs. Certainly, this Imprint Zebra Jumpsuit is a comfy and loose wide fit jumpsuit that is best for casual outdoor events, cocktail parties, weddings, beach vacations and dates.

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