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Modern African Trends for Men
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Modern African Trends for Men

Modern African trends provide a unique style of wear that makes them outstanding from the rest of the world. Africa is the second-largest continent and thus has diverse indigenous cultures. Therefore, below are the Afrocentric fashion trends that exist in North, East, West, and South Africa.

North African Fashion Trends

The Sahel inhabitants and Arabs mainly influence the North African trends.


The Sahel, also the man’s dress, is a traditional Egyptian outfit. It is the most preferred attire for men in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. The outfit is a collarless gown with wider sleeves and cuts. It comes in many colors; but, white is the most prevalent one.


Kaftan is a traditional outfit of the Sahel, Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco and Senegal regions. The modern Kaftan contains the latest African fabric trends.

Southern Africa Fashion Trends

The southern Africans do not have a lot of Afrocentric fashion trends. Nevertheless, some of their noticeably common ones include the Skhothane and the Madiba shirt.


Skhothane is not just a clothing trend, but also, represents a subculture of the people from Soweto. The fashion trend mainly consists of brightly shining flowery attire. Initially, the style was most dominant in the Soweto region but currently, it has spread and became a famous trend among the people of southern Africa.

Madiba Shirt

This is a famous African shirt for the South Africans. It hit fashion trends in the early ’90s and is based on the Icon Nelson Mandela. Moreover, it is a loose-fitting casual shirt that dangles over the trouser. 

Eastern Africa Fashion Trends


Kitenge is a common trend among the people of East Africa, especially women.  people. It is common in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

Western Africa fashion trend

Western Africa is the heartbeat and center of the Afrocentric fashion trend. There are so many different, and competing fashion trends in West Africa. However, there are a few those have been outstanding for the longest time and they include the dashiki, kente, and agbada.

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Dashiki attire is characterized by its colorful patterns on the upper half of the body. Initially, the attire was common in Nigeria, but now, it is widely worn in West Africa as a whole. Additionally, the trend has spread across Africa, Europe, and the United States.


Kente is a traditional Ghanaian fabric with carefully designed patterns. The modern trend for men is characterized by the use of the Kente sparingly, especially along the margins of the shirt, or as an accessory fabric.


Agbada is a popular Nigerian attire for men. It is wide-sleeved and often decorated with silk embroidery. Most of the time it is along with the Sokoto trousers and the Obasanjo hat.

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