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Midget Giraffe: Creating Edgy Pieces Inspired by the Igbo Culture

Midget Giraffe: Creating Edgy Pieces Inspired by the Igbo Culture

Midget Giraffe: Creating Edgy Pieces Inspired by the Igbo Culture

Midget Giraffe is a Nigerian fashion brand that is enhancing cultural diversity worldwide. This fashion line was established in January 2015 and it is continuing to be a trendsetter in the print fashion with contemporary street-style twist.

The founder, Linda, is part of the Igbo ethnic group and she grew up in Southern Nigeria. As a young girl she interacted a lot with the beautiful and native fabric, Ankara fabric. She also had frequent exposure with the colourful local marketplaces populated with rich colours of food, fruits, and savvy business women selling prints for clothes making. Linda’s creative side was sparked when she watched her grandmother sew beautiful designs using many fabrics she got from the marketplace. It dawned to her that feeling beautiful did not have an economic correlation. Linda witnessed people from all walks of life adorn themselves in her grandmother’s design, embracing their Igbo culture and enjoying every moment in their  individual style.

Linda was motivated to continue her grandmother’s legacy and create culturally relevant and edgy pieces. She envisioned a clothing line that would use fabrics and inspirations from less celebrated places throughout the world and give them a global appeal. She is now making contemporary designs using traditional fabrics. She wants people to boldly use fashion to embrace the cultural diversity of the world.

Below, we are highlighting some of the chic fashion designs by Midget Giraffe that promote the Igbo culture the world.

Shai Shift Dress Set

The shift dress is one of fashion’s most iconic and enduring silhouettes. The distinct shape has a long, storied history, starting from the drop-waist flapper frocks of the ‘20s to the shapeless sack dresses that took off in the ‘50s. In the ‘60s, the style evolved into the short, straight-cut shift dress that we are so familiar with today. Considering how this versatile silhouette flatters everyone and allows plenty of room for movement, Shai shift dress is the shift dress to rock.

FYE Flare Shorts

Flare shorts are one of the most flattering styles for women. The FYE flare adds a graceful, curved silhouette that can accentuate your feminine figure.

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Zazzi Irregular Chinos

The Zazzi irregular chino is made from the Bogolan fabric. The Bogolan mud cloth comes from Mali and is handmade fabric that is dyed with mud and leaves. These mud cloths are made from strips of the fabric which are put together to form one large blanket.

Xavier Kimono

Xavier kimono will ultimately revamp your look regardless of what you are wearing underneath. Xavier kimono will style up your look immediately. Either with the jeans, skirt or legging, when combined with Xavier  kimono every outfit instantly looks fabulous. You can wear it at home, on the beach or when going out for a party.

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