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The Fierce Jocelyn Heidy
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The Fierce Jocelyn Heidy

We had the opportunity to sit down with the beautiful fashion enthusiast, social media guru, content creator and curator from Just Win Designs, (JWD) Jocelyn Heidy and this is how it went:

What are you currently working on?

I want to launch my you tube channel to focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also plan on introducing a business platform where young people in business can derive motivation from other young entrepreneurs who are already winning in their different ventures. I freelance as a social media marketing manager for brands seeking to create a community online, engage more with their consumers, and increase their digital footprint.

How long have you been in the industry?

For 3.5 years. In 2014, I started having this craving to make clothes for myself. I was in my second year in college. I was also looking for ways to make money for my own upkeep. This sparked the beginning of making and selling clothes. With time I discovered how passionate I was about this and explored it beyond college. 

What drove you to take a long break from fashion blogging?

First, after blogging for a while, I quickly realized that after exploring a couple of topics, my content was becoming monotonous. I also noticed this stale trend in other blogs as well. Part of this was that I had wrongly optimized to please others and I also needed to learn more.

Secondary to that there was a lot of extended family issues and school to deal with, that interfered with my creative thought processes.

Therefore I decided to take a break and to chart a path forward for longer term growth rather than remain stagnant in that status. I’ve since chosen to specialize in certain areas, one at a time, rather than attempt to do it all at once.

Why the change of career

I chose to chart a path for growth within the fashion space – as opposed to change to a different space. This has allowed me to have a better understanding of the space and focus on my niché where I am con

fident on adding value to your operation.

What do you think of the fashion industry in Kenya?

The industry is evolving quickly. There are a lot of talented creatives. There’s a lot of opportunity to improve and that’s a promising concept. The challenges it faces are in fact opportunities for the best to fill

those gaps and seize the

future – to win.

What can we do in Kenya to offer more support to content creators?

One thought that many will agree is that people should consume more local content to support creators. People should engage with the content (like, comment, subscribe, share, etc) on the multiple social platforms from blogs to you tube.

However, a more interesting thought is for content creators themselves to come up with innovative and interesting ways to get high quality content to consumers. That could be via partnerships and more. Platforms such as Baniku are already doing a lot and should continue to highlight content creators. Creators could do mutually beneficial collaborations that leads to growth on both sides and fair revenue shares where appropriate.

What would you tell your younger self?

Go for it! Be fearless! Explore! Fail! Start again! There is no limit to anything and there is absolutely nothing on the other side of fear. Only you can get yourself to progress. Just do it #justwin

Your mentor and role model both local and international

For role models, I look up a lot of black women who have gone against all odds to become the kind of women they always dreamt of becoming. Young entrepreneurs advancing in their respective fields such as Abraham Mbuthia (uza point) and Ian Mati (CEO at Vintara collections) are also a source of inspiration. I hope to have the strength to be patient and persevere through tough times as my mum did and to one day hold a tremendous charisma like Michelle Obama. I consider a mentor a close and respectful connection that I can turn to for advice and tough feedback when needed. So I’m still searching for a good match when it comes to a mentor.

The biggest risk you have taken in your career

Refocusing my energy to doing the things I love as a fulltime job amidst a lot of opinions about my path.

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Choosing to be a suffering artist not because I cannot look for a job but because I hope to one day create opportunities for others.

What are the 5 essentials you cannot miss in your bag?

  • A notebook and pen: I constantly jolt down ideas and as a creative you never know when inspiration strikes.
  • My laptop & phone planner: Any chance I get, I want to keep working!
  • Juicy fruit & Mint: Got to stay hydrated and fresh
  • Feminine products.

What is your biggest regret?

Holding myself back with fear and not believing enough in myself. Having been my own enemy in fulfilling my goals.

You will never catch me wearing………

Platform stiletto heels – I’ve never been able to pull them off comfortably and have since accepted that they are not for me. 

Greatest and Worst fashion inventions

Greatest is the internet. Ranging from a design standpoint, manufacturing standpoint, discovery and consumption.

Worst will have to be Platform sneakers – not sure whether to run or go to a high end restaurant in them 🙂

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