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Margaret Kamau
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Margaret Kamau

B: What do you do?

I knit and crotchet hand bags, sling bags, backpacks and marvins into different designs and colors. 

B: Why this particular business?

I was motivated by the need to have long lasting and unique bags unlike the normal shop bags which you are likely to find with like 10 other people in town. I also wanted something to do in my free time while I was in school. 

B.Is there good appreciation of your product in Kenya?

The appreciation is not that great in Kenya, I have however come across so many people who are just amazed at what I’m doing because; most people assume that the knitting era ended with their grandparents. I still believe Kenya has a long way to go in appreciating what I do. 

B: Your opinion of fashion market in Kenya?

The industry is growing as Kenyans are becoming keen when it comes to fashion. I also love that upcoming designers are working hard to come up with great ideas.

B: Role model both International and local?

Internationally will include Donna Wolfe , Sandra Better Archer, Bella Coco, Tamara Kelly among others. I’ve not come across many crotchet artists in Kenya though Olisa crotchet caught my eye with her amazing work. 

B: The challenges you face

Sometimes I don’t find the kind of yarn I would want in the Kenyan market as well as some tools of operation.

Disappointing clients who can make an order and take long to pay up or even just ignore.

B: Do you intend on going large scale with your business?

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Yes.  Once I settle in life and get enough capital. I’m really looking forward to that. 

B: What do you wish you knew earlier regarding the business?

I wish I knew how to deal with clients earlier because sometimes I feel like I’m used, I get soft and it doesn’t end so well.

B: Online marketing or physical shops?

Currently I use social media to advertise and sell my products.


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