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Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses
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Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

People who wear glasses need to wear more eye makeup to make them pop. Moreover, the makeup look has to be super clean and fresh since glasses draw attention to the eyes. If you never knew the trick of creating a cool makeup look with glasses, do not be worried as in the article below, we have shared some simple tricks for people who wear glasses.


Add a lighter shade of foundation to the skin surrounding your nose as well as under the eyes. Since your glasses cast shadows on your eyes you should contour to lighten some sections of the face.

Do Your Brows

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Furthermore, always do your brows when you are wearing glasses. Make sure that the shape of your brow matches the size and style of your glasses. For instance, if you are wearing glasses with a bigger and bolder frame, you may want to make your eyebrows more thin and shapely. That said, full and defined eyebrows are best suited for glasses with thinner frames.

Play with Your Eyes

Indeed, bold and conspicuous eye makeup works well for women wearing glasses. Although it is best to take into consideration the color of your frame, a cat eye and an eye-catching eye shadow are cool for women wearing glasses.

Downplay Your Lips

Create a dramatic eye opt for a neutral lip shade or just settle with a lip gloss instead.

Blush is a Must

Blush adds color to the face when you are wearing glasses and if your lips are natural-looking. Moreover, opt for a pink shade blush and apply it along the apples of your cheek to make your blush look natural.

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Smudge Your Liner

For sure, a little smudge along your lower or upper lid will draw attention to your eyes and make them look bigger.

Apply Eyeliner All Around Your Eyes

Additionally, if you have the feeling that glasses have made your eyes look smaller, you can apply eyeliner all around your eyes to make them look bigger.

Highlight your Cheekbones

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Draw attention to your cheekbones by simply applying a lighter shade of foundation or highlighter on them. This makes the cheekbones pop out and your face look thinner.

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