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Meet the talented Makeup Artist Bhutsiri Muyundo
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Meet the talented Makeup Artist Bhutsiri Muyundo

We had the opportunity to speak to the charming makeup artist , Ms Bhutsiri Muyundo who uses make up to empower women and make them the best version of themselves.

When did you realize you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I realized I wanted to be a makeup artist when I was 18. I’d always been interested in makeup. I was one of those naughty kids who’d raid my mum’s bathroom and try on shade after shade of lipstick. As I got older and after lots of failed attempts, I got better at it and eventually realized I’d make a dime or two out of it.

How long have you been a makeup artist?

I’ve been a makeup artist for almost 9 months.

What is your opinion of the Kenyan market in terms of makeup?

The Kenyan market has greatly evolved over the years. ”LOL, look at me talking like I’ve been doing this for years”. Anyway, we’ve shifted from using overpriced foreign brands with shade ranges that don’t incorporate black women, to producing our own products fit for our skin types and complexion.

What are the 5 Essentials you can’t miss in your bag

Lipstick, a brush, wet wipes, bloating paper, lip gloss

What are some of your best makeup brands

My go to makeup brands are: Fenty, Bare minerals, Morphe, Maybeline

Who is your role mode both local and international

My local role models are: Muthoni Njoba, Dennis Karuri and Phoina. International role models are: Ronkeraji, Huda Kattan, Alissa Ashley and Mario

What are some of the makeup brands you cannot survive without

Makeup brands I can’t survive without are Fenty, Bare minerals, Morphe

Who are some of the people you have worked with?

Some of the people I’ve worked with are: Rachel Naiyantei( former Miss Dayster and model), Silvia Monayo a.k.a @bintipretty (model and influencer) and Anna Njoroge (founder and CEO of ythera beauty)

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

On a normal day it takes me roughly 30 minutes to do my makeup but on a day I’m going all out and being extra, it takes about an hour.

What is the one thing that people don’t know about you?

I’m pretty shy. Half of the time, because of my face-beat,  I’m one of the most extra people in the room so people tend to think I’m out going or loud or for some reason some conclude I’m a snob even before they get to talk to me.

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Given the chance what would you be in another life?

In another life I’d be a designer

What advice would you give to your younger self

I’d tell my younger self to be present, live in the moment, breathe and smell the roses

What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is letting my self-doubt get to me.

What are your rates?

Bridal Makeup 

  • Bridal makeup consultation + wedding day makeup(inclusive of lashes and touch up) 4500/=


  • Bridesmaids makeup (inclusive of touch up) 3500/=
  • Mother of the bride (inclusive of touch up) 3500/=
  • Flower girls (inclusive of touch up) 1000/=

Makeup Application 

  • Individual makeup 3500/=
  • Makeup lessons 4000/=


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