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Kokio Label: The New and Creative Kenyan Fashion Brand In Kenya

Kokio Label: The New and Creative Kenyan Fashion Brand In Kenya

Kokio Label is an online fashion brand that designs and produces clothes for women, men, and kids. Angel Katusia established the brand in 2020 and it is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Interestingly, a beautiful summer flower in the family of the hibiscus flower inspired the brand name; the flower blooms in different colours and is now the symbol of the brand. Furthermore, Kokio Fashion is unique and it is custom made to suit anyone’s style and need. As such, below, we have shared some of the creative and lifestyle pieces that Kokio Label makes for all genders and kids.

Kokio Rainball

Kokio Rainball dress is a trendy tiered multi coloured dress that is perfect for all occasions.  The tiered dress has a series of overlapping layers and are generally different lengths. Additionally, the designers create different ranges of hem lines when it comes to the skirt of the dress. Indeed, the tiered dress was famous in the 1950s as a luxurious wedding dress, but by the 1960s, the style had become more liberal.

Crop Top Blue

For sure, the crop top blue by Kokio is a cool summer wear. Despite them being the most scandalous and controversial main stream trend in the fashion industry, crop tops are very flattering to wear.

Silk Dress

Indeed, the silk dress by Kokio is a fashion statement that is cool for the office or church. Moreover, this dress has a soft texture because it is made from the silk material and it is comfortable for any skin type.

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Frill Shirt

Photo Courtesy: Kokio webpage

Kokio frill shirt is a shirtdress that has ruffles on the upper chest region. For sure, ruffles add feminism to structural pieces thus making them flirty. If you place it around the neckline, it attracts a lot of attention to the chest area.

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