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Kiki’s Fashion: Tanzania’s Luxury Fashion Wear

Kiki’s Fashion: Tanzania’s Luxury Fashion Wear

Kiki’s Fashion: Tanzania’s Luxury Fashion Wear

Kikis Fashion is Tanzania’s luxury contemporary fashion wear that blends both modern and African Fabrics. Kiki Zimba who is also the creative director of the company, started the design wear in Mikocheni, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Although fashion is in her blood, she is a journalist by profession. Zimba feels that fashion design is a way of expressing oneself creatively. Therefore, the brand offers high-quality pieces that are unique to the clients and are in an array of colors. As such, below, we have highlighted some of the designs you can purchase from Kiki’s Fashion that will definitely make you look sophisticated.


Kikis Fashion Afrocentric kaftan is a fashionable and fabulous garment. Kaftans are long and lightweight dresses that hang loose on the body. Kiki’s Fashion kaftans are available in tons of patterns, prints and hues, and so, it is easy to choose one that personifies your unique self. Additionally, Kaftans fuses contemporary fashion with timeless African heritage. The majority of women love this unique Afrocentric design since they are carefree, flattering and fun to wear. Moreover, they are perfect for almost every social occasion; formal or casual. Kiki’s Fashion has a variety of kaftans including the long and open design kaftan.

Long Design Kaftan

The long design kaftan is like the standard style of this garment as it always reaches down to your ankles.

Open Design Kaftan

Kiki’s Fashion: Tanzania’s Luxury Fashion Wear

Open design kaftans appear as long and lightweight overcoats and they are great for layering over other outfits. Kiki’s Fashion open design kaftan is a great fashionable attire when you want to look sophisticated during the warm weather or if you are planning a tour in the coastal region. Moreover, these Kiki’s open design kaftans are excellent for Muslim women who want to look cool during the ‘Eid Celebrations’.

Luxury Pajama

Kiki’s Fashion luxury pajama is made of high-quality silk and satin fabrics thus making it soft, light and breathable. Apart from being lightweight and easy to carry, they are also suitable for vacations, spas and hotels.

Maxi Dress plus Long Jacket

Kiki’s Fashion maxi dress is an ankle-length informal dress that is formfitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom. Particularly, this dress is made out of cotton or chiffon material and the best part is that the brand can custom make your maxi dress in any style you can like. Indeed, these maxi dresses pair well with a long jacket for a cool streetwear vibe.

Bell Hands Dress

The bell hand design is among the hottest trends at the moment as it flatters the look of any woman. For sure, the bell hand design is a vintage design that has made a comeback into modern fashion trends.

African Print Dress

Kiki’s Fashion: Tanzania’s Luxury Fashion Wear

African print is the staple print of Kiki Zimba. For sure, she manages to blend modern silhouettes and trends into the African print fabric and the outcome is a beautiful designer wear.

Kimono Set

Kiki’s Fashion: Tanzania’s Luxury Fashion Wear

Kikis Fashion kimono set is an extremely easy to wear comfortable garment. Whether you are chilling at home, lounging, brunch with the girls or having a beach day, this kimono set is the perfect attire for the occasion. Indeed, this kimono set brings a pleasant and feminine feeling to the body.

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