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Ikwetta: Kenyan Brand Making Leather Bags and Shoes

Ikwetta: Kenyan Brand Making Leather Bags and Shoes

Ikwetta: Kenyan Brand Making Leather Bags and Shoes

Ikwetta is a Kenyan brand of leather bags and footwear handcrafted by the Kenyan artisans with a focus on sustainability. The name Ikwetta comes from the Swahili way of saying Equator, they selected this name because the leather that is used to make their products is sourced from several African countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Ikwetta believes in crafting pieces that are luxurious and timeless so they can be worn for years, even decades to come. To ensure this, they source only the finest materials from ethical factories. Ikwetta products are handmade in Nairobi, Kenya by skilled craftsmen combining the latest innovations in footwear and bag design with traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. Ikwetta was started by Varsheeni Raghupathy with the aim of putting Kenya on the map for manufacturing leather footwear. Her inspiration came from Kenyan brands such as Adele Dejak and Kiko Romeo, which use African fabric to create contemporary designs. Below, we have highlighted some of the footwear and handbag designs crafted by Ikwetta.

Alicia Air

Alicia air is a style of low-heeled shoe characterized by upper suede leather, inner lining sheep leather, and the sole is vegetable tanned with rubber heel. Alicia Air are less formal with a closed lacing system and a beautiful gap between the front and the rare part. Alicia Air are a flexible shoe that pairs well with chinos, jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses or suits.

Bey Shoes

Ikwetta: Kenyan Brand Making Leather Bags and Shoes

Bey Shoe by Ikwetta is a sophisticated simplicity of closed shoes. They have been handmade in Kenya from mustard suede and unlined to give you a snug fit. The soles are made vegetable tanned leather and rubber heels.

The Explorer

The explorer is becoming a fashion staple simply because it’s unique. From their iconic colours and firm laces, the quality, consistency and the continued attention to detail is continuously making it popular.

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Fringe Bag

Ikwetta: Kenyan Brand Making Leather Bags and Shoes

Ikwetta fringe bag is a versatile addition to every closet. Perfectly flirty and so right-now, it is available in multiple shades that will suit any personality. It boasts a cell phone slip, and golden metallic holders, making it ideal for days, nights, and beyond. Wear it with a flowy dress, knee-high boots, and a lightweight trench for the epitome of day-to-night appeal.

Beaded Mules

The mules are trending and Ikwetta has not been left behind in creating them but in beaded style. The advantage of the mule is the ease with which it can be slipped on. Fast, no-fuss and breezy.

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