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How to Neatly Organize Your Makeup
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How to Neatly Organize Your Makeup

People should neatly organize their makeup whether the collection is big or small.  You can easily find plenty of storing places, either on countertops or inside drawers. Additionally, you can create a custom made makeup storage unit depending on your cosmetics collection. Therefore, below are tips on how to neatly organize your makeup.

Tip: To avoid breakouts, clean your brushes at least twice a week.

Step 1: Go through your cosmetic collection.

First, take stock of all your makeup and brushes by looking at the time limit indicated on the package’s label. Discard any that is past its expiry date or the broken brushes. Also, know that it is good to dispose of makeup after one year, especially the eyeliner and the mascara as they harbor harmful bacteria.

Step 2: Sort and separate.

Next, neatly group your makeup by category and separate those that you use on daily use and those for special occasions. Secondly, decide on whether to neatly organzie it on the countertop or in the drawer storage.

Step 3: Select your organizers.

For the countertop:

If you are storing your makeup on the countertop, utilize the vertical space by using stacking organizers as it permits customized solutions. To ensure that your makeup is accessible, create a solution by neatly stacking modular organizers with drawers on the bottom. If you have plenty of eyeshadow palettes or face palettes, measure them to ensure that they fit comfortably in your drawers. Use trays with divided compartments to store your smaller eyeshadow quads, powders, blushes, and bronzers to ensure that it is neatly organized. For makeup brushes, store them in separate pencil cups.

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For the drawer:

You will want to use segmental makeup drawer organizers to keep everything separated. If your drawer is deep enough, utilize stack and slide organizers. You may also use a deep tray with handles that can easily be put onto the countertop and returned to the drawer.

Step 4: Light it up.

Finally, add a lighted makeup mirror to turn your area into a true station point. You will be surprised by the difference in appearance when one applies makeup under good lighting. Therefore, you should buy adjustable mirrors to help establish the perfect angle. 

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