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How to do Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

How to do Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

How to do Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

Eyebrow shapes are so important. Good eyebrows can instantly lift your face, which is why it’s important to map out your brows and have them shaped to flatter your face shape. However, it is important to note that, not all eyebrows are created equal and your face shape determines how you will shape your brows. Below, we are taking you through how you can do your eyebrows according to your face shape.

Square Face

Square faces are often defined by a chiselled or prominent jawline, one that might even seem square. Adding emphasis to the top portion of your face in the form of bold brows helps balancing the look. To soften the jawline on a square face shape, lift the brows with soft arches, and give the brows and overall undefined finish avoid sharp and angled brows.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are defined by prominent cheekbones, wider foreheads and pointed chins. Since these faces already have quite a few angles, it is best to stick with a straight eyebrow. But this does not necessarily mean abandoning your arch completely, instead, fill in your brow by maintaining the same width throughout and you will find a softness that enhances your look.

Oval Shaped Faces

Oval face shapes are very symmetrical. Their foreheads are wider than their chins and their cheekbones are protruding and also, they have narrow oval chins. When it comes to selecting an eyebrow shape for people with this face shape, the classic high arches and soft angled eyebrow shapes are the way to go. These two shapes suit the proportions of an oval face.

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Rectangle Face Shapes

Rectangular faces are sometimes called oblong, and they are similar to a square-shaped face but longer than they are wide. Their foreheads, cheeks, and jawlines are approximately the same width and their chins have slight curves. Rectangular face shapes should opt for fuller, non-structured brow shapes to help reduce forehead size. Also, soft and slightly more curved arches to help soften the jawline.

Triangle Shaped Face

People with triangle shaped faces have a wider jawline than forehead. They can soften their features by adding volume and fullness to their brows. They have to keep their arches low and curved, and not taper the tail of the brows angling downwards.

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