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How to Determine Your Hair Wash Routine
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How to Determine Your Hair Wash Routine

How do you Determine Your Hair Wash Routine?Do you wash it frequently? Are you afraid that you go for long without washing it? Are you following universal laid out procedures and not getting the best results? Well, settling for a perfect hair-cleanse schedule is almost impossible for any person. Washing your hair too much strips it off of its natural oils and then it becomes too dry and brittle. On the flip side, if you do not wash your hair enough, it will become oily, dirty, lifeless and hardcore dandruff irritation might develop.

One thing to know is that scalps and hair types vary from person to person. Although you should wash your hair infrequently as possible, different hair types have diverse rules. Therefore, with all the variations factors in place, it is difficult to settle for the standard procedure. However, you do not have to worry anymore, since below we have compiled tips and secrets that you can use to create a personalized schedule for washing your scalp and hair.

Hair Type Matters

First, there are different products for different hair types and there is a reason for that. Every hair type needs particular and specific attention; cleansing routine is no exemption. Curly hair tends to be dry and so it can persevere a long period without a wash, whereas, straight hair needs frequent cleansing. Additionally, thick stranded hair can go longer without washing while thin hairs tend to get oily and dirty quickly. Further, course hair can go for long without cleansing while soft hair cannot. These variations affect how hair should be washed.

Lifestyle and Activity

The kind of lifestyle you lead affects how you should cleanse your hair. Are you the kind of person who washes, blow-dries and styles the hair in the morning? Do you hit the gym or you jog, or do some home workouts. The more physically intensive activities you engage in, the more you should cleanse your hair. Physical activities make the body sweat which then piles up in your hair, clogs your pores and dirties your scalp faster.

So, How Often Should You Cleanse Your Hair?

Oily hair may need daily cleansing, while dry hair may need a maximum of two days washing in a week. If you have normal hair that is not affected by dryness or itchiness, then you can wash your hair each time you feel like. Curlier, thicker or processed hair can go for long without washing; you can cleanse maybe twice or thrice a week. Scalp oil takes more time to travel down the strands in these hair types as compared to finer stranded hair types. If you feel messy without a shower, just rinse your hair without any product.

When In Doubt, Go Dry

Sometimes, we want to clean our hair but following a laid-out procedure might be a hard task. In such cases, you should go for dry shampoo, it is an ideal quick fix if you do not want to wash your hair too often. The dry shampoo absorbs dirt and excess sebum from the hair without water, leaving it cleansed and smelling fresh.

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However, note that dry shampoos are not meant for replacing water wash, but for increasing the period you do not have to frequent wash. The advantages of dry shampoo are that they are a time saver unlike washing, adds texture and fullness to your hair and can help your updos stay in place. Dry hair shampoo comes in two forms; aerosol spray and powder. Nonetheless, if you prefer natural to commercial dry shampoos, you go for organic dry shampoos.

In Conclusion

If you want healthy and youthful-looking hair, know the specifics of your hair and your lifestyle. The knowledge will help you create a personalized hair washing routine that is specifically designed for the best results of your scalp and hair.

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