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How to Contour Your Eyeliner Based on Your Eye Shape

How to Contour Your Eyeliner Based on Your Eye Shape

If you want to learn how to contour your eyeliner, then it is necessary to first determine your eye shape. Indeed, once you have mastered your eye shape type, you will only make slight changes in terms of thickness, length, and shape to your eyeliner. Besides, the main aim of shaping your eyeliner is to change the look of your eyes and make them stand out, appear more symmetrical, or look larger. As such, below, we have shared some tips that will assist you to contour your eyeliner.

Almond Eyes

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The almond eye shape is a classic shape that looks good on any eyeliner type. Particularly, to create an eyeliner for the almond eye shape, draw a thin line starting at the inner corner of the eyelash line and build in thickness once you reach the outer third.

Round Eyes

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When people with round eyes look straight ahead, their creases and the whites of their eyes above or below the iris become visible. Therefore, to apply eyeliner for this eye shape type, smudge an extra liner on the upper and lower lash line to elongate your eyes and bring more attention to the outer corners. Furthermore, people with this eye shape type can apply the winged eyeliner as it would look perfect on them. However, you should avoid thick liner at the center of the eyes unless you want to draw attention to the roundness.

Hooded Eyes

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Apart from lacking a visible eyelid, the upper lids droop a bit from the brow bone for those with the hooded eye shape; therefore, there is limited space to show off eyeshadow and liner. As such, the perfect way to shape them is to press the eyeliner on top of the lashes and then adding a thick wing at the outer corners to draw the eyes out.

Monolid Eyes

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Monolid eye shape has no discernible crease and has a flatter eyelid. Therefore, the liner might disappear when the eyes are fully open. To tackle this problem, you should apply a thick liner across the upper lash line and wings outward.

Small Eyes

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If your eyes appear small in relation to your other features, then you will need to make them bigger. Therefore, draw a line from the inner corner and extend it past the outer corner in a lavish wing. You can also skip the liner along your bottom lashes as it can make your eyes appear smaller.

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