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How to Begin Zen Meditation

How to Begin Zen Meditation

How to Begin Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is a form of Chinese relaxing technique. For sure, Zen frees the mind from the slavery of words and the constriction of logic. In its essence, it has a lot of benefits including improved focus, better memory, restored energy and improved creativity. To begin Zen meditation, find a comfortable place and try short sessions as you focus on your breathing. Below, we have provided in-depth information on how you can begin Zen meditation.

Create a Relaxing Sitting Space

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First, look for space where you can meditate peacefully. Indeed, it is important to find a quiet and relaxing space in your home. Afterward, you can add candles, seashells, unique rocks, or objects that you find soothing into your meditation space.

Get Into a Stable Position

The sitting position greatly affects how you meditate; stay comfortable and keep your back straight. Additionally, you can cross your legs or use pillows to prop up your back to enhance comfort when you meditate.

Position Your Head in a Comfortable Style

Head positioning is important for Zen meditation as it ensures that no part of your body is strained. To have a nice head pose just hold your head in a position that feels natural and does not cause strain in your neck. Moreover, your spine must align with your neck. As such, move your neck so that a continuous imaginary line runs from your spine to your neck.

Relax Your Jaw and Facial Muscles

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For sure, releasing any tensions ensures that you have a good Zen meditation moment. For instance, you should relax the jaws and the facial muscles to release tension before you commencing the practice.

Breathe Through Your Nose

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It is crucial to breathing through your nose in a Zen meditation moment. Besides, nasal breaths generate a cooling and warming sensation as you breathe in and out respectively. Indeed, this tactic makes it easy to follow the rhythm of your breathing while meditating.

Focus on the Breathe

How to Begin Zen Meditation

Furthermore, slow down and pay attention to your breath. If you focus on your breathing, you trigger neural networks tied to emotion, attention, and body awareness that are beyond the brain stem. Therefore, by tapping into these networks, we gain access to a powerful tool for regulating our responses to stimuli.

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Decide What to Do with Your Eyes

How to Begin Zen Meditation

You can open your eyes or close them during a Zen meditation. It is all a matter of what suits you as an individual.

Reflect When Your Mind Wanders

It is normal for the mind to wander once you begin Zen meditation. However, when you find your mind wandering, gently redirect your thinking into your breathing.

Start with Three Minutes of Meditation

As a beginner of Zen meditation, it is advisable to start with three minutes and when you feel comfortable you can advance to 10 minutes or even more.

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