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Home Remedies to Moisturize the Skin

Home Remedies to Moisturize the Skin

Home remedies to moisturize the skin are important. It is a very sensitive organ of the body and self regulates to rejuvenate and replenish its original state. However, sometimes due to scrubbing, bathing, and other chemical exposure of our skin, it can no longer produce enough sebum. As such, below we have highlighted some homemade remedies to moisturize the skin.

Olive Oil

People can either apply the olive oil to their faces or bodies. The oil provides strong protection against loss of moisture thus making the skin smooth. Moreover, people can apply it as a night cream, and it works best with wet skin.


The avocado has a lot of oils that moisturize the skin. It can also act as a sunscreen since people can apply it directly to the skin. You can also intermix it with other products. The antioxidants agents in avocado make the skin remain moisturized and smooth.

Coconut Oil

Coconut is a very wonderful moisturizer as well as an anti-aging agent. It helps to remove and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, it exfoliates the dead outer skin thus making it smooth. Extra virgin coconut oil is proved to significantly reduce water loss and increase the lipid levels of the skin. Also, you can use it as a primer before applying make-up.


Honey is the oldest skincare ingredient. It protects the skin and it is effective for sensitive skin. Honey maintains moisture on the skin as it is a very saturated solution.

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Milk is an effective home made remedy to moisturize the skin. Apart from the fact that it is natural, it is super gentle on the skin’s surface. Milk is a product that people use in their day to day lives and thus it is easily available.  It also contains lactic acid, which is a mild natural exfoliant.


People can use eggs as a moisturizer since it contains albumin which has a high water binding capacity. Additionally, the yolk is rich in vitamins and proteins that nourish the skin. You can apply it to your skin and rinse off after 20 min.

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