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A tale into #HerNameIsENOUGH runs from a series of societal standards that channel our thinking today. Social media has become a hub of displaying what African achievement looks like and redefining it as the ability to obtain materialistic possessions. This has subtly crept in the African society which is now defined by lavish consumerism.

The post-modern Africa is made to appear perfect and furs all imperfections, depicting an image of a world without flaws possible. In Africa embracing itself, which is progressive – tends to celebrate certain fragments which are labelled the “African Dream”. This is done to celebrate the already achieving and ideal prospects which are exclusive. At times some things are done to inspire but end up becoming a standard to pressure the already vulnerable society into becoming the “African Dream”.

The rise of depression (as seen in South Africa) has triggered the #HerNameIsENOUGH campaign. Focusing on women as susceptible beings especially in a society where patriarchy is a norm and the conventional societal expectations and standards define how a woman should behave.

#HerNameIsENOUGH is a concept that celebrates the often overlooked women in society whose achievements don’t match the set standards, women who make dissimilar choices and go through life changing situations in a loud and fast paced world. #HerNameIsENOUGH aims to let every woman know that life isn’t what the media makes it look like. Life is just as they know it, not perfect.

It aims to let them know that their indifferent strengths do not go unnoticed, and their bravery to continue is exceptionally outstanding. It embraces ordinary women who manage to silence popular beliefs and go for what makes them contented. This stems from self-actualisation and the ability to love themselves just as they are.

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The essence of this campaign is to build a society in young women that is strong willed and backboned with their truth, and embrace their own personal journeys accepting that the turbulences on the way does not define their overall journey of life.  This is a call to re-channel our ideas of what achievement should look like, and to know that achievements are tied up to our inner fulfilment – not external recognition. It is a call to open our eyes to immediate references and celebrate their immediate, even personal, achievements thus far, no matter how insignificant it may seem.


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  • This is exactly what our society needs, we live in an imperfect world with standards high up there we can’t even see the peak. We try so hard to please the world and forget about our own inner desires. #Patientlywaitingforyournextarticle

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