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Fitness Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

Fitness Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

Fitness Trends That Will Dominate in 2022

Keeping fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, is a paramount concern as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on. As the world actively strives for a higher quality of life, the notion of fitness will positively change. For decades, the concept of fitness did not extend beyond physical appearance and weight loss. The onset of a potentially lethal pandemic shifted the fitness priorities. Below, we have rounded up the workouts and fitness trends that will dominate this year.

Goal Oriented Fitness

Goal-oriented training is training towards a specific goal, generally in performance rather than physique and body composition. Fitness trainers predict that the worldwide population will shift towards a goal-oriented fit lifestyle. Moreover these shifting lifestyle trends complement the desire to appear, feel, and perform well, performance and productivity in fitness will gain prominence. The fitness business is set to evolve even more in 2022. With this progression, the focus will be to add an exciting exercise routine that can be followed regularly despite demanding fast-paced lifestyles.

Wearable Technology as Fitness and Health Indicators

Wearable technology in fitness includes electronic devices that consumers can wear, as smartwatches are designed to collect the data of users’ personal health and exercise. Wearable fitness technologies have become a key part of today’s fitness culture, and the industry is only expanding. Thanks to various technological advances, it is easier than ever to collect important health metrics and develop a healthy lifestyle, manage chronic diseases, increase the efficiency of exercise, and ultimately improve the quality of life.

Smart Home Gyms

Modern fitness technology that enables the feeling of a gym in the comfort of one’s own home is increasingly taking popularity. A smart home gym can come in many forms, but most smart home gyms at least include a large touchscreen with virtual coaching. Outside of that, these gyms could come with free weights, resistance equipment, cardio training, and/or other workout accessories.

The idea is that a smart home gym includes mostly things you need for a solid workout in one place with a virtual coach to guide you through it. Before the pandemic, smart home gym equipment was already popular, but frequent lockdowns increased consumer acceptance and growth and the trend is increasingly popular in 2022.

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Light Cardio like Walking

While high-intensity sweat sessions might get all the attention at the gym, there is still a place for low-intensity cardio in your workout routine in 2022. Light cardio refers to any physical activity that raises your heart rate without skyrocketing it. Potential light cardio options include walking, yoga, tai chi, riding a bike and swimming, if you do not go too fast or too hard. 

Rise of High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Modern life has a way of making us feel time-crunched and pressured to find the most efficient ways of using the precious hours when we are not sleeping. The trendy fitness regimen high-intensity interval training epitomizes this feeling. HIIT exercises often feature quick bursts of exercise followed by intervals of relaxation. The advantage of HIIT training is a hard exercise in a short amount of time. Moreover it has no specific equipment is required because bodyweight workouts may be used.

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