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Fashion Trends That Defined the ‘Twenty- Tens’ Decade

Fashion Trends That Defined the ‘Twenty- Tens’ Decade

Fashion trends of the 1900s are instrumental in shaping the styles and designs that appear in runways today. Similarly, the trends for this decade include fringing and feathers of the 1950s, puffed sleeves and bright colors of the 80s and couture sportswear of the 90s. As such, there are no new designs, but instead, reimagined styles from the past decades. Therefore, the key to unlocking a style that suits your individual personality is good judgment. You should remain true to the era that speaks to you. Below we have highlighted 5 fashion trends that have defined the ‘twenty-tens’ decade.

Afropolitan Style

Globalization and emerging Technology have promoted the penetration of African styles into the international market. Europe, Asia and America designers noticed the African fashion trends and had to make room for these flourishing economies. As a result, they discovered fresh and far-flung talent just a click away. They particularly noticed the designers from Africa for their authentic style which involves fusing traditional textiles with modern ideas.


Athleisure refers to athletic gear that people wear as fashion designs, rather than, for its functions. Contrary, technical wear is meant for active individuals who value performance. Athleisure has been a major trend of the 21st century since form-fitting and athletic-inspired clothes are common.

The 80s and 90s Fashion

The saying, ‘what goes around comes around’, may be intended to explain the cycle of fashion. Trends and styles fade away only for people to redesign or re-wear them decades later. This cycle seems to be turning quicker than ever. For instance, fashion that people considered cool in the ’90s is trending once again. Therefore, whether it is on the catwalk, street or stores, the ’90s trends are brisk again.

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Unbutton up

Initially, people did not fancy going out with unbuttoned shirts. However, that perception changed in 2016. It became one of the hottest trends, partly since, everyone could do it. You only need a shirt, then do the buttons up wrong. This design is also cool on blazers and denim jackets.

Rise of the Plus Size

Initially, slim models dominated and owned the runway. However, during the last decade, plus-size models are running the show. Major retail stores managements have noticed that they have to adapt to the changing times. Therefore, they offer plus-size clothing lines.

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