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Fashion Tips to Borrow from Sharon Mwangi

Sharon Mwangi is a fashion content writer for the Daily Nation, a blogger and a YouTuber. Her blog content focuses on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Some of the content on her YouTube channel include raising awareness about depression, fun travel destinations vlogs, and hair, beauty and fashion tips. Sharon’s style is trendy and on point. If you are looking for wardrobe inspiration, below we have mentioned some of the styles you can borrow from her.

Oversized Blazer and White Crepe Shorts

Photo Credits: Sharon Mwangi’s Instagram Page

When the office day kicks in, be a step ahead with an oversized coat and white crepe shorts. Sharon Mwangi rocks the look effortlessly. She then spices it by carrying a handbag and wearing white stilettos.

Floral Shirt Dress Plus White All-star Converse Rubber Shoes

Photo Credits: Sharon Mwangi’s Instagram Page

Every trendy woman knows that a shirt dress is essential for any wardrobe. In the picture above, Sharon has rocked a floral shirt dress with a pair of all-white converse all-stars and a fedora hat. The shirt dress is trendy, easy to style and looks awesome.

One Shoulder Long Sleeved Top with Light Blue Jeans

Photo Credits: Sharon Mwangi’s Instagram Page

Going big on big is not as hard when you have the right clothes. Sharon’s one-shoulder long-sleeved white top and light blue jeans are a great example. These outfits are the best way to showcase your fashion sophistication to the rest of the world. You can add colorful sharp-pointed flats to the look and have some fun and experiment a little.

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Turtleneck Top Plus African Print Shorts

Photo Credits: Sharon Mwangi’s Instagram Page

The turtleneck look is a chic and timeless style that every woman should own. It is a versatile fashion piece that can you can combine with any outfit for a stylish look. For a Sharon inspired look, combine a black turtle neck top with African print pair of shorts. Not only does it flatter your figure, but also gives you that runway look.

White Crop Top and White High Waist Trousers

Photo Credits: Sharon Mwangi’s Instagram Page

The high waist jeans are a perfect way to style a casual look as Sharon has rocked. The combination of the look with a white cropped top creates an effortless style. It is the perfect outfit choice for those who are ready to flaunt and flatter their fantastic figure.

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