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Eyebrows Do’s and Don’ts

Eyebrows Do’s and Don’ts

Beauty consultants recommend eyebrows do’s and don’ts since sometimes we make mistakes when practicing the art. Upgrading your eyebrow shaping skills can be a great way to pass time while at home, especially during this pandemic. As such, below we have highlighted the do’s and don’ts when shaping eyebrows.

Do Not Brush Them in The Wrong Direction

Always brush your eyebrows upwards on the side of the arch.  Brushing them in the direction of growth weakens its follicles and results in premature plucking-off.

Do Not Use the Wrong Brush

One of the most common mistakes that people make is using wrong brushes. A wrong and tough brush is bad since it destroys your brows. Also, wrong brushes pick up excess brow makeup and affect one’s overall look.

Use an Angled Thin Narrow Brush

Always go for angled brushes with thin and dense bristles. Thick brushes inhibit people from creating precise lines. Additionally, extra thin brushes make it hard to pick up any products.

Do Not Use a Darker Product Color Than Your Eyebrow Color

Products that are darker than your brow color is a big no, especially if you want your eyebrows to appear as though they are natural.  As such always use two shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Do Not Start at the Very Front of Your Brow and Create that Box Shaped Brow

While tending to your brows, do not start at the very front since it will create a box shape which is not appealing.  It is easy to fall into the trap of creating that box especially if your brows are thick. Instead, you should start on the arch and lightly feather the strokes to the tail end. Once you are finished with the tail end you can now move to the origin of the brow and stroke the hair upward. 

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Do Not Create a Solid Line

Never draw a fluid line from the origin of your brow to the tail end. Instead, always go in with light feather strokes to provide a natural look.

Curve Your Eyes with Color Shades That Are Similar to Your Under Eye Concealer

Moreover, do not curve your eyebrows with products that are brighter than your under-eye concealer. Rather, you should use colors that are similar to your under-eye concealer. Additionally, you should use a color that is similar to your foundation on top of your brow.

Use A Spoolie After You Have Completed Shaping Your Brows

After you have completed preparing your brows, go through them with a spoolie brush so that you do not have any patchy spots.

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