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Exercises to do during your Periods.

Exercises to do during your Periods.

Exercises to do during your Periods.

Period pain has always been something that many women encountered and it definitely affects their workout routine. The pain normally lasts the first two days of the periods, and it mostly consists of the following: pain in the lower stomach, the back, and the tops of their legs. According to a study in the journal of Education and Health promotion, staying active during the monthly cycle is perfectly fine.

Moreover, exercise has proven beneficial to alleviate the different symptoms associated with the monthly cycle. The right exercises can balance the physical and hormonal changes, enhance the production of endorphins, and reduce irritability and pain. Below we have highlighted some of the best exercises that women can do during their periods.


Exercises to do during your Periods.

It is proven that yoga during your period can be beneficial, especially if you are experiencing stomach pain and back pain. Yoga poses widen the pelvic opening and reduce any congestion. The practice of yoga is also beneficial for balancing emotions that may cause irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety and anger.

Yoga helps you improve your physical fitness levels and keep you cramp-free during your periods. Therefore this is one of the best exercises for your periods


Exercises to do during your Periods.

Swimming is one of the most relaxing and gentle exercises you can do even when on your periods. Research has proven that swimming can help ease the physical and psychological symptoms of menstruation, including anxiety, depression, tension, mood changes, weak coordination, headache, tiredness, pain, breast tenderness, and cramps.

This is because when you exercise, your body releases endorphins that act as your body’s natural painkillers while also giving you an increased sense of well-being, which is something that is often in short supply during your menses.

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Light Walking

Light walking is the best exercise you can do during your periods. It is a low-intensity aerobic exercise that helps your lungs work properly later in your cycle. During menstruation, low levels of oestrogen/progesterone may make you feel unmotivated and sluggish and light walking may increase the secretion of endorphins that calm the body from the pain of menses and boost your mood too.


Exercises to do during your Periods.

Research shows that Pilates is better than aerobic activity for relieving physical and psychological symptoms of periods, decreasing stress, and balancing brain chemicals. Pilates is a whole body workout, which will release endorphins and improve blood flow to muscles in your body. This can help increase your metabolism and decrease any sluggishness you often feel during your monthly cycle.


Running during your periods is a good idea as it may release natural endorphins, which boost your mood and act as a natural painkiller. This exercise also increase the blood circulation, which promotes oxygen flow and minimize bloating.

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