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Elvis Obukowho Kosiso
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Elvis Obukowho Kosiso

Meet Elvis Who aka Elvis Obukowho Kosiso a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer – clearly a jack of all trades and did I mention that he’s also a student? Yap, he has it all together.

The Nigerian-born artiste is making waves in the East African scene with a number of collaborations with various Kenyan artistes such as Alisha Popat and gigs such as featuring in the Diani Beach Festival line up, and his famous breakthrough from the country’s hit reality show, ‘The Search’ produced by Kiss TV.

We had the opportunity to interview him and get to know his motivation and inspiration.

B: If you would describe yourself in three words what would they be?

I would describe myself as passionate, resilient and pragmatic

B: How and when did you discover that music was your passion?

I made that discovery after I went for my first talent show in 2010. Before that it was just something I loved doing a lot.

B: How has your musical journey so far been like?

Honestly, I’ve had ups and downs but I think it’s been great and I cherish each and every experience I’ve had getting here. I’m also grateful for all the criticisms and support as they have helped shape me into the person I am today.

B: How has being Nigerian and living in Kenya – a blend of two cultures – influenced your music?

Oh, it’s been great living here. Kenya is a beautiful place to be and the fact that I’m Nigerian has it’s pros and cons due to the fact that Nigerians don’t exactly have a good reputation here. In fact it fills me with the urge to continually prove myself to Kenyans and it’s been great. Now I speak a bit of Kiswahili in my songs and mix it up with pidgin and English and people love it, so I’d say it’s influenced my music positively.

B: Your fashion sense and style is impeccable. Do you have a personal stylist or it’s all you?

Thank you very much, fortunately or unfortunately its been all me…lol. but I’m really looking forward to working with a stylist in the near future.

B: Your collaboration with Alisha Popat has been phenomenal, how has it been like and its contribution to your growth as an artiste?

Thank You, it’s been great working with Alisha Popat, she’s been really helpful in terms of giving me exposure, i mean when I came here, I knew No one, but fate through and interesting turn of events made our paths cross and it’s been great so far.

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B: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for/to you?

I gotta say I love my fans but I never expected it. It was early 2015, I had just performed at the Ambrose Ali University in Benin, Nigeria for an audience of about 3000 people and as soon as I got off the stage, a female fan literally jumped over the barricade, then jumped on me planting her own version of a French kiss on me just before the security got to her. Honestly it was so disgusting but guys were cheering so I cleaned my mouth with one hand, waved at the fans then walked off.

B: Are we expecting an album anytime soon?

I’m currently working on my EP which will be released in 2018 but it’s safe to say you can expect an Album in 2019.

B: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be nominated for some of the biggest national and International awards known to man and win them. I also hope to have started my record label and opened other businesses in various parts of Africa and that will in turn Aid my vision to greatly improve the Kenyan entertainment industry and nurture young talent as this is something I am very passionate about.

What a personality!!! I must say it was a pleasure getting to know the man behind the great songs. Don’t forget to watch his latest song sugarcane and also follow him on Instagram, You tube, Twitter: @elvis_who and on Facebook Elviswho Kosiso

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